Wish for You

By: Marquita Valentine


“Go start up your car, sweetheart.”

“You don’t have to wait for me.” Why am I arguing with him? In the past, I would have never argued with him.

“Humor me.”

Just get it over with. Start up the car, drive away, and cry into your pillow for the rest of the night. I tell myself this over and over as I make my way to the car, unlock it, and climb inside.

It turns on the first crank of the engine. But Wyatt still stands there. He pulls a beanie out of his coat pocket and shoves it on his head.

My mind whirls.

I have no idea how to handle this situation. Anxiety builds up, and my breaths start coming faster. Don’t, don’t, don’t. Not now, not while he’s looking. “I can handle this. Wyatt is only trying to be a good friend. Again.”

But I don’t want him to be a good friend.

A sob escapes my lips. My heart races, and I lean my forehead against the steering wheel. Suddenly, my door opens, and Wyatt is by my side, rubbing my back with his hand.

“It’s okay, baby. Just breathe.”

“I’m trying,” I wheeze, though I don’t have asthma.

“You’re doing so good,” he says, and humiliation turns my body cold. I don’t want to do so good. I want to be normal, and not have it happen in the first place. But my stupid body won’t listen. “Take a deep breath for me… that’s it.”

I do exactly as he commands, and then snap my head up. “I’m fine. Go to your party. I have to go.” I practically shove him away, and he almost falls over. Shutting the door, I put the car in drive and slam my foot down on the gas.

A quick glance in my rearview mirror assures me that he’s unhurt. Wyatt stands, brushing off his jacket, and I focus on the road before me.

Breathe, Lacey, just breathe.

Chapter Three


Watching Lacey drive away isn’t easy. All I want to do is go after her, follow her home, and make sure she’s okay. Everything is so damn different now. Parker comes to stand beside me, but I’m in no mood for his wisecracks.

“Save it,” I snap, striding toward my truck.

“Just wanted to know if you needed a ride,” Parker says.

I stop and turn around. Usually, he’s the one who needs a ride, not me. “Is that your assbackwards way of asking for a ride? You’d think with West home, that you’d be all over him.”

Parker’s jaw clenches, his green eyes narrowing. “West is with McKenzie, and I’m trying to do the decent thing and give them some space.” He throws his arm around his date, a girl I’ve never met before, but I’ve been gone for almost two years, so that’s not exactly unexpected. “I have a ride.” He tips up his chin, and I look to the right.

A sporty BMW coupe is parked right beside Beau’s red F-250. “Yours?” Now, that is totally unexpected. If Parker had that kind of cash lying around, wouldn’t he have helped out Cole when their bar was about to shut down?

“It’s a friend’s,” he says cryptically, and since his date doesn’t speak up, she can’t be the friend.

His answer makes me feel marginally better, but the entire conversation is awkward. It’s like he’s hiding something. “Nice friend.”

Parker shrugs. “Owed me.”

“I’m ready to go,” his date says.

Parker turns his attention to her. “In a minute.”

“Why are we going to Beau’s?”

“Cole kicked us out.” He nuzzles the girl’s hair. “We were getting too wild in there for him, with all the hushed voices and lack of body shots.”

I shove my hands into the pockets of my coat, clicking a button on my key fob, and starting up my truck. “I’m sure Beau will remedy that.”

“You’re not going?”

“Nah.” Once I left this place, I planned to drive by Lacey’s to make sure she made it home okay. Her borrowed car didn’t have the best history. “Not really feeling the party vibe.”

Parker’s shrewd gaze assesses me as he smirks. “Don’t blame you. I’d check on her, too.”

Jealousy rises, and my hands clench into fists. I want to hit the smirk off his pretty-boy face. “How often did you check on her while I was gone?”

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