Wish for You

By: Marquita Valentine

I roll my eyes. “You make it sound like we have a menagerie.”

“I sleep with you, two dogs, and a ferret at night. That’s pretty damned crowded,” he reminds me with a wry smile.

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem to add one teeny, tiny baby,” I say.

“One teeny, tiny baby won’t be a problem at all,” he assures me.

“If it’s a boy, I want to name him after two of the finest men I know, you… and Nathan.”

“What about your dad?” he asks, but I can see the pride and gratefulness in his eyes.

I shrug, leaning back in his arms. “There’s always baby number two.”

“Lawless, I’m going to enjoy making you pregnant.” He nips at my ear, and I shiver in pleasure. “I’ll be keeping you in bed for days at a time.”

His brothers come running out of the house just then, naked as the day as they were born, except for the helmets on their heads.

“My eyes,” Beau shouts, covering his.

“Put those away,” Parker groans.

Cole just laughs.

I close my eyes at the sight, the sparks of desire that Wyatt had just flamed banking.

“Get some clothes on, you damned nudists,” Wyatt yells, but the amusement in his tone makes them ignore him. They keep running around, shouting at the tops of their lungs. “Guess we won’t be starting on that baby tonight.”

I peek up at him, and the look on his face makes my heart beat so hard and fast that I’m sure it will take flight. “We have tomorrow, Wyatt.”

He kisses me. “And the next day, and the day after that. We have the rest of our lives.”

Smiling, I let him go, and he herds his brothers into the house once more. I tug at the chain around my neck, pulling out the dog tags and giving them a quick kiss.

Then I head inside after them, into a house filled with laughter and love.

Always love.


As always I have to thank my husband and children for putting up with me, for helping out and making dinner. I know I would never be able to live my dream of becoming a published writer without you guys.

A special thanks to Andris Bear and Carly Phillips for the writing sprints and tough love that kicked my butt and kept me on the right track.

Lots of sloppy kisses to bloggers, Amanda Clark and Andrea Thompson, two of the best Beta Readers EVAH. Lacey and Wyatt wouldn’t be who they are without y’all invaluable input and feedback and cheering. And PINTEREST PICTURES. Dear GOD. The pictures.

Thanks to Julie with AToMR Tours for being so flexible and working with me through my mom’s surgery and with me getting sick while on deadline.

Last and never least, my readers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

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