Wish for You

By: Marquita Valentine

I should have been there for her. It was the championship game. Lacey’s team had come in second, and I’d heard she’d gotten hurt pretty bad in the last three minutes of the game. Some chick had tripped her, and sent Lacey flying into the rail. But my girl hadn’t let that stop her. According to Cole, Lacey had gotten up and taken the hit like a champ.

“Not your girl,” I remind myself. Small puffs of white air appear in front of my face. It’s nut-freezing cold. I start up my truck with a click of a button, thanking God for heated seats as I slide inside.

Instead of going home, I drive to Beau’s. He lives three doors down from me or, rather, from my parents. I park in his driveway, and I’m not surprised to see him jog outside to greet me as I get out of my truck. He has security cameras everywhere. Guess that’s the life of a NASCAR superstar.

“Something wrong?” he asks, his eyes darting from side to side. His hair is sticking up everywhere, and he looks like he’s been on a three-day bender. Only he doesn’t smell like booze, women, or anything else I recognize.

“Just wanted to talk.”

“It’s really not a good time.”

“Company?” Beau always has company—of the female kind. Normally, however, he doesn’t care who comes over while they’re there.

“Yeah.” He shifts his weight from side to side, and I realize he’s barefoot.

“Dude, where are your shoes?”

“Shoes?” He stares at me blankly.

“It’s thirty degrees.”

“Oh.” That blank stare stays firmly in place, until he shrugs. “Demanding houseguest.”

“Must be one hell of a woman.”

“Something like that.” He shoves his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “I don’t want to bail on you, but unless this is an emergency…”

Nodding, I take a step back. “Completely understand. Just had a little woman troubles and, with Cole out of commission right now, I thought you’d be the one to talk to.”

Beau glances down at his wrist. He’s wearing a watch? Since when did he start wearing one of those? The guy has never been on time in his life. “I have a couple of minutes.”

“She wants to be just friends, and that doesn’t work for me.”

“Make her jealous,” he says with that trademark grin of his. “Women always want what they can’t have.”

“Already tried that tactic,” I grumble.


“Didn’t work.” Actually, it had only served to hurt her, and I was damn tired of hurting her. All those women did nothing for me, not even the few I’d had revenge sex with. Yeah, some man I am. Nathan would be disappointed. The dude was so devoted to his girl that, even when she’d sent him a Dear John letter, and one of the female soldiers from base started hitting on him, he had stayed true. Luckily, Nathan’s ex sent an apology package right after that, and when he’d gone home on leave, he’d come back engaged. Too bad I’d fucked up their chance of ever getting married.

Beau makes a noise of surprise, pulling me out of my head. “Okay, so do the opposite of that.”

Wrinkling my nose on one side, I give him a look. “Make her not jealous?”

“No. You need to get her to realize that she made the wrong choice by deciding to put the brakes on you guys hooking up.” I don’t bother to correct Beau’s assumption. Lacey and I have never had sex, not even close to it. “Get Rae to set Lacey up on dates, really bad dates, and then, before long, she’ll come to her senses and be all, Wyatt, why did I ever say we should stop banging?” I punch him in the shoulder, and he grunts out an apology.

“I guess I could do that.” I rub my chin. “But how could I make sure Rae doesn’t set Lacey up with really good dates?”

“You can’t—unless you do it yourself.” He glances at his watch again. “Seriously good talking with you, but I have to go.”

“Can’t keep them waiting, huh?”

“Nope.” He jogs back to the house, and I make my way back to my truck. It’s a good thing I never cut the engine.

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