Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

“Trust me; there is nothing that you could do that would take advantage of me, Callen. I’m just glad that we are on the same page and that this is not just one sided. I would hate to think that you would have feelings for me and that they were not requited. I want you and I think that I need that cock more than everything in this world. Callen, just lie there and take your medicine like a good little boy.” I was enveloping his member into the fire of my mouth again, but this time I did not stop, until I collected that $200.

This was no game and I had him firmly in my throat, with his balls slapping obscenely against my chin. I was drooling a lot, but it paved the way for a fucking good time.

“Jesus, my wife was the only one that was able to do that.” I wasn’t sure if it was healthy for him to think of his wife at this time, but it wasn’t exactly like I could control his actions. ” I can’t believe that you’re really here, Camille and I think I’ve fantasized about this day from the moment that you moved in two years ago.” I was only 19 at the time and I really didn’t see him as a viable love connection. He was just the neighbor next door that came over for barbecues.

“I have to tell you, Callen that I did notice you peeking in my window last year at one of those barbecues. I knew you were there and I played on it and it gave me one hell of a climax that took my breath away. You did it yourself and I even went out after you vacated the premises. I found what you did against my window and it gave me a giddy thrill to know that I had given you enough fuel to turn yourself on.” I was still stroking him and there was a moment there that I thought he was going to lose it entirely.

“Don’t be afraid to use your teeth and I like a little bit of pain with my pleasure.” I’ve not heard that from guys my own age and if I were to put my teeth into action, they would scream like it was the worst thing in the world. I grazed my teeth along his member and the only thing I got in response was an intake of breath and his arms lifting himself out of the chair, so that he could get his cock even deeper than it already was.

I finally came to a stop and he had not blown his load, so I knew that if I were to tease him and to please him, then he would have no choice, but to grow to a more explosive level.

I lifted myself from the wood floor, straddled his waist and continued to move, until I was up on top of his face. It was a good thing that there was a beam of pure wood along the ceiling, because without it, I don’t think that I would’ve been able to keep my balance.

“I want you to eat me I want you to get me ready for that nice hard cock of yours. You want to fuck this tight little hole and you’ll know what I mean when you insert that sweet little tongue of yours.” He did put his mouth where his money was and I felt his tongue wiggle its way into the recesses of my tight little opening. It was hard going, because I was squeezing those muscles and making him grunt with a sort of pain that came from having his tongue almost yanked from his mouth.

Chapter 4

I think I passed out, because I woke to find that he was still eating me and my face was hanging over with my arms. I don’t know what happened, but something short circuited my system and made me lose full control of my own body. It didn’t seem to stop him and now that I was fully awake again, I was very well aware that his mouth was something that I could definitely get on board with.

“Fuck, Callen, I think that you just blew my fucking mind.”

“I heard you scream and then it was all over, but I just couldn’t take myself away from those delicate little lips of yours. I’m sorry if that might sound selfish and I should’ve stopped and put you on a couch, until you were able to come around. I guess you can take that, as a compliment that I wasn’t able to do that.” He put his tongue deep inside me and my juices were already soaking his face and giving him a sheen that made it appear that I had squirted everywhere. “You were such a screamer, Camille and just listening to you was enough to make me wanna satisfy you in more ways than one.” He was doing that and his fingers were now stirring the pot and his tongue was now licking my clit and it wasn’t long before I was going around the bend.

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