Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

I went back out and put on a movie for young Jamie and he was all thrilled to see Pokemon. That would keep him busy for at least an hour and give me enough time to unclutter the kitchen and make things more livable.

It took me over an hour to finish up in the kitchen and the food was cooking and it wouldn’t be long until it was ready. I popped my head into the living room and saw that he was watching it again with his eyes glued to the screen and acting like he was being taken over by the pod people.

I managed to feed him and watching that screen for over an hour and ½ had drained all of his energy. I turn my back for second and then turned to see that he was sleeping with his hand on the ice-cold chill of the glass of milk that he had. I pried his fingers lose, lifted him onto my shoulders and carried him upstairs to put him into bed.

“I’m so glad that you are back, Camille. I’ve missed you.” He was, so tired that he was actually being honest. I didn’t know that he felt that way about me and it made my heart leap with a sort of joy.

After he was out like a light, I turned on the monitor beside his bed, so that I could hear everything that was going on inside this room when I left it. I was walking by Callen’s bedroom and I stopped short when I saw his clothes strewn about like a cyclone had hit it. I went about to clean up and put things into the hamper, when I came across something of interest. It was his underwear and I could smell the aroma of the man wafting from within. I sat down and I found myself with my skirt up over my legs and my finger creeping along the waistband of my sheer black panties.

I still had the pair of black underwear in my hand and I found myself pushing them up against my nostril and inhaling the fragrance like a fine bottle of wine. They were not washed and they were recently worn and were fresh right from the man himself.

I imagined that he was hovering over me and kissing me deeply, while forcing his knee in between my legs to open me up for further inspection. I had found my slit and I moved my finger down the length to my already soaking wet hole. I applied pressure and I allowed myself to swallow my finger all the way to the first knuckle. I continued to push to the second knuckle and with my breath in my mouth; I forced the rest of that digit into my tightness.

I moved back and forth, while shoving my hips up towards my finger to get maximum penetration. I was well on my way to my first orgasm, when I wondered what else I could find that I could use to fuel my desire for a man that I didn’t even realize I missed.

I took off my skirt and my panties were not that far behind. My blouse came undone and I took off my bra and was standing there completely naked. I grabbed one of his shirts and draped it over my form, while at the same time grabbing for a cowboy hat that was hanging on a hook. I looked in the mirror and I looked damn good in plaid. I tied it at the waist, which of course opened up the buttons to reveal the mountains on my chest.

I bounded downstairs in my half undressed state and I went into his office to log on to his computer. I’m pretty good at navigating computers. It didn’t take me long to find photos that were not exactly PG. Some were of his wife in the buff at some kind of resort in Cancun. Others had him wearing a skimpy thong. It was the next ones that got my eyes bugging. Apparently, his wife Leslie had convinced him to strip it all down and to stand on the sand with his most prominent member straining for some kind of relief.

I had to take a second glance and there was no denying that this white guy was hung like a fucking horse. I knew brothers that didn’t have what he had and that’s saying something. I had my legs up on the desk spread eagle in front of the computer and strumming my little clit back and forth. Just watching that picture and seeing what he was packing between his legs was enough to force me into doing something about this heat.

“Yeah, that’s it…deeper, harder…you’ve got it, Callen…oh my god, Callen.” I reached that point and I was staring intently at his large member, when an equally large hand gripped the monitor from the top.

“I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting to come home to see you dressed in my shirt and looking at a photo of me completely in the nude. I’ll have you know that my wife was the one that convinced me that shedding it for the camera was good for our marriage. You must know that I would never do such a thing without a woman’s influence to make me. I’m usually a bit shy, but apparently you don’t have that problem little lady. I will admit and confess to you that I’ve often thought of you in a more intimate way. You look damn sexy in my clothes.” I was totally taken aback and there were no words to describe what I was doing.

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