Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

We ate outside under the stars and I was definitely a meat and potatoes kind of girl. He had cooked it perfectly and I loved that there was a slight pink in the middle. It almost made me giggle, because I was thinking that there was a slight pink middle that demanded his attention. Apparently, he thought so too and then he dropped his fork, like he was going to fool me into thinking that he was just going to pick it up.

I was regretting that I was wearing jeans, but he unsnapped them, pulled down the zipper and began to wiggle me free of them. I sat there completely mesmerized, feeling the chill of the night air touching my skin and then his hands spreading my knees and licking a straight line up my left thigh.

The way that he was doing it was making me parched and I took another sip of wine, only to sputter it back into the glass. His tongue had made contact with my panties and I looked down to see that my nipples were quite pronounced. They were poking obscenely through the white tee shirt and I was feeling like my clothes were too tight on me. I lifted my tee shirt over my head and now I was completely naked, except for that sheer pair of panties that were barely an obstacle.

His fingers were quite insistent and his tongue jabbed fourth with a force that was meant to pierce my womanhood. It opened me up and my body began to slump down, so that he could get better contact. He was slobbering all over me and I was ready to give him what he was after.

“Fuck, I’m glad that I couldn’t stay mad at you… Fuck… Fuck… You really do know a good way to make it…up…to…MEEEEEEEE.” My body acted, as if there was a live wire stuck in between my legs. My bronzed skin was buzzing and my legs were trembling and I was screaming with such ferocity that the dog down the street began to howl in approval. I had no idea if anybody else could hear me and on a sweltering night like this, you would imagine that there would be plenty of windows open to cool things off.

There was probably some teenage boy sitting in his room right now with some kind of porn on the Internet, when he heard my outcries and was now standing at his window with his dick in his hand. With that image in my mind, I found myself going from one orgasm into the next. That scream lingered and carried on the wind, as he continued to devour me like the steak that I had just eaten. He had found his creamy center and after he was done, I was going to find mine.

Chapter 5

It was too much for me to handle and I lie there feeling like I was smoking, as he slipped out from underneath the table licking his lips and standing there with his crotch no more than a couple of inches away from my mouth. I was drained and my energy depleted and he decided to make the most out of the situation.

“You were delicious and I had my dessert and now it’s time for you to have yours.” He unzipped and I stared open mouthed, as he came into view. The large head was calling to me and he brought it to my lips and I suddenly found my second wind. I inhaled the thing, driving my face forward, until his balls were swinging freely against my face. I felt him repeatedly drive into my throat and he was moaning, almost as loud as I was before.

“Damn, I’ve missed this the last couple of D-ay-s.” He grunted that last word, as I grazed my teeth along the surface, until I had my lips over the most sensitive part of him. It must’ve made him a hair trigger ready to go off, because I could feel that his knob was swelling. I could’ve stopped him, but I didn’t want to, as he finally gave in to his desires and to me at the same time.

I felt that first burst stretch across my tongue and I was aching for more and wasn’t disappointed. He fired a huge amount with one stream after the other, until he finally pulled free of my lips. I didn’t want him to leave, but he looked completely out of it. He was swaying on his feet and this was not from the effects of any liquor. I swallowed everything and I had to close my eyes to immerse myself into the flavor. I would say that it was better than the steak, but I think it was comparable.

I sat there touching a small bit on my lip and then looking at him to see that he was still hard as stone. There was no way that a man of his obvious age could get it up back quickly without some kind of pharmaceutical support.

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