Love Struck (Miss Match #2)

By: Laurelin McGee

He turned to pat her sister’s hand. “I know, Andy. You do. You really do. Especially with this insane timeline you’ve given me. Less than four months to plan the kind of wedding you want? I’m the only one who could pull it off. Truly.” Just as quickly, he dropped Andy’s hand and swept his arm toward a tray holding two Bloody Marys, garnished with olives, limes, and beef jerky. “I made you drinks. You’ll need them.”

Lacy, who was bubbling with the urge to say a lot of things she shouldn’t, grabbed one and took a large gulp. It was stronger than she’d anticipated, and spicier. She tried to disguise her cough with a moan of “yum,” but Tim gave her a Look that said he knew what she was doing.

“Let’s get to work, then, yeah?” Andy was stupid-perky. She took a small sip, which didn’t seem to faze her.

“Have another,” Tim said to Lacy when she’d finished her glass. She also thought she heard him mutter, “One more round ought to do it.” It was hard to be sure since the first drink had been quite strong, and unless getting them drunk was the goal, another round was not a good idea.

He focused his attention on Andy. “We’ll start small. Your event is going to be big news around here, so it should be equal parts traditional and progressive. Have you chosen a dress?” He looked like he’d not only swallowed a lemon, but could possibly be growing a lemon tree in his mouth at the thought.

“No, I thought Lace and I could do that together”

Tim looked both mollified and suspicious, if such a combination were possible.

“Fine. We’ll go first thing tomorrow. Try to be sober.” He sent sharp glances at the drinks he had just given them.

“You’re going to come with us to pick out a dress?” Andy asked. Lacy wasn’t sure if she sounded worried or hopeful at the prospect.

“Of course I am, gorgeous. You think I’d let you choose something so important on your own? Never. You could end up looking like a giant peacock.” His eyes lit up as though he’d suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Unless you like peacocks…”

Lacy couldn’t let that go without chiming in. “No, she doesn’t like peacocks.”

“I don’t?” Andy asked, unsure.

Lacy shot her a glance that she hoped said, Who are you and what have you done with my usually self-assured older sister?

“I mean, I don’t.” Not quite as confident as Andy usually was, but it would do.

“Ah, pity. Moving on. Do we have a theme in mind? Say no.”

“Um, no?” Andy smiled. “Tim, I’m relying on you here.”

“Flowers,” he stated. “I’m seeing lots of flowers. A December wedding means it’ll be tricky, but we’ll fly things in. Did you have a preference?”

“Either roses or lilies, whichever is more fashionable right now,” Andy replied, clearly happy to have an answer.

“Roses!” Tim sputtered. “Lilies! No, no, no! I … I don’t even have words…”

Lacy took several more gulps of her drink to cover her desire to break into laughter. She knew she probably should speak up and defend her sister’s flower choices, but she’d done her duty when she’d nixed the peacocks. Now it was more fun to be a bystander.

Andy spoke tentatively over her glass. “So, roses and lilies are not available?”

“Availability is never an issue with Boston Brides,” Tim practically screeched. “No one, and I mean no one, is using roses or lilies anymore. Are you under the impression that we are having an eighties’ flashback wedding? If so you need to be looking elsewhere for your planner. Do you need to be looking elsewhere?”

“No!” Andy exclaimed, shaking her head emphatically at exactly the same time that Lacy’s inner voice shouted, Hell yes, find another planner! This one is cray!

Tim let out a dramatic huff of air. “I don’t even know why I ask for opinions. I should just do everything, like I always do. Anything you choose will be less than acceptable. The flowers will be tulips. Red ones to fit the season. Thousands of them, like the Dutch craze is happening all over again. You’ll start a new trend in Boston. Stocks will soar. Fortunes will be made and lost over your wedding. Doesn’t that make you feel amazing … powerful?”

Lacy could tell that Andy was purposely avoiding her eyes. That was good, because even with the drink held in front of her face, she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to hide her hilarity much longer.

“I would say that makes me feel … some kind of way.” Andy bolstered her statement with a smile.

Lacy choked a little. Andy was better than she’d given her sister credit for.

Tim gave her a tight smile. “Now. Venue. The Museum of Science’s Blue Wing is available so I booked it. Imagine—dinosaurs, stars, a million volts of lightning. The wine glasses will be charmed with the planets of the solar system. And don’t think I’m ignoring the Christmas Eve holiday. We’ll thread lighted boughs of evergreen up and down the aisles and have the wait staff dressed as angels. This is going to be the wedding of the century in New England. You’re welcome.” He topped up their glasses again and sighed heavily. The girls looked at each other as they drained their glasses.

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