Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Aye… what he wearing?” I asked.

“Some black jeans and a white shirt. He got a hat on and some brown Timbs. You see him?”

“Yea…yea… I see him. Look, good looking on that tip. You know I gotchu…”

“Nah, Daddy, that’s on me. I got kids by that nasty nigga. He deserves what’s coming to him. Keep the paper… you know what I want.” She cooed into the phone. Yeah, I knew exactly what she wanted, but any bitch that was sheisty enough to set up her own baby daddy couldn’t get a muthafuckin thing from Yung.

“I gotchu, Ma!” I lied, before hanging up the phone and checking the clip in my nine.

“That’s him?” Luxx asked with his eyes trained on Maino as he walked across the street heading towards a white Audi. Before I could answer him, my phone started ringing. Just by the ringtone, I already knew who was calling. Ignoring her call, I turned my phone completely off. I was in grind mode, and I knew if I had answered, she would’ve fucked my head up with all that damn nagging and shit.

Kacey was a chick that I fucked with on the regular, and fucking with her like that had only made shit worse in my life. She had a problem with the life I lived, but I had told her many times before that if she couldn’t accept me for who I was the door was always open for her to leave. My biggest problem with her was the fact that she was a weak bitch. She was the type of female that would fold under pressure if push came to shove, and I knew the best thing for me to do was remove myself from the equation before that time presented itself. She was far from the type of bitch that I really needed in my life. I needed a strong bitch! One who don’t give a fuck, can stand on her own, and would never bow down to a nigga or a bitch! One who can watch my back while I handle the front, and won’t hesitate to put a muthafucka in their place, if need be. One like that feisty ass chick I had met earlier that day, who was beating the fuck out of Salone’s trashy ass right before I saved her. Yeah, that’s the one I need in my life.

“What you trying to do bruh?” Luxx asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Follow him!” I said, once Maino hopped inside of his car and pulled off.

Luxx waited a minute before pulling out behind him. I rested my seat back and pulled my fitted cap down low. Ol’ girl was on my mind something heavy but I knew I needed to clear my head before shit got ugly. Raining my hand over my face, I lit up a blunt to ease my mind.

“Where the fuck this nigga going?” Luxx asked, causing me to stop what I was doing to look up. Maino had just jumped off the highway headed for what looked like The Ville. He turned into the housing projects with me and Luxx behind him at a distance. When he parked in front of an apartment complex, Luxx stopped a few houses down and shut off his headlights.

“Did he get out?” I asked, passing Luxx the blunt.

“Nah, he just sitting there.”

We watched the scene and waited for about five minutes. I was starting to get paranoid with the wait. I didn’t know if he had spotted us and put the word out. We weren’t in our territory, and the many niggas that was walking by had me on the edge. I was just about to say fuck it and tell Luxx to pull up so I can let my hammer bang when this tall, light-skinned bitch came walking out the apartment. She skipped right up to the driver’s side window and kissed Maino. I don’t know what was said but words were exchanged and she was smiling from ear to ear. She walked around the car and jumped in the passenger’s seat before Maino pulled off. Again, Luxx waited until he got far enough then pulled out behind him.

It felt like we were following them forever before his car came to another stop. “Aye, ain’t that that nigga Bee trap?” Luxx asked, slowly approaching the raggedy house.

“Yea, bust a corner real quick and kill the lights.” I sat up in my seat as he drove past the house. Maino gave the guy at the door some dap and a manly hug before walking inside. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked Luxx.

“That nigga about to re-up!” He said, and I nodded my head. “This shit just got a whole lot better.” I said, rubbing my hands together like I was trying to keep warm outside in a blizzard.

“Hell, yea! Turn around and park right there.” I pointed at an abandoned house sitting on the corner of the road. We were parked directly in front of them. To the blind eye, Luxx’s beat up Buick looked nothing out of the ordinary parked out front of the abandon house. We had a full view of the house and Maino’s car. I could see the chick sitting in the front seat on her phone without a care in the world. She had the slightest clue that some shit was about to go down. I hated putting women and children at risk, but she put herself in harm’s way when she hopped in the car with the nigga knowing muthafuckas was out to get him. Since she was down to ride, she had to suffer the consequences.

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