Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Ughhh… fuck…fuckkkk!” Rodney grunted as he released inside of his condom.

Thank god! I had literally forgot that this nigga was still on top of me. A sigh of relief escaped my lips. I was ready for this night to be over and done with. Quickly, I stood up, grabbed my clothes, and walked off towards the bathroom to clean myself up.

“Damn, that pussy a muthafucka.” Rodney huffed while lying back in his recliner with his dick still in his hands.

“Right….. but look, run me that so I can leave. My girl just texted saying she needs her hair done, and I ain’t trying to miss out on that paper.” I said, looking down at my phone like I really had somewhere to be.

“Damn, Ma… I thought maybe you could spend the night, and we go a few more rounds. You know I gotchu.” He smiled, causing me to cringe just thinking about sexing him any longer than I had to. Ewwwww!!

“As tempting as that sounds boo, I can’t.”

He squinted his eyes to see if he could tell if I was lying or not. He stroked his goatee before picking his True Religion jeans up off the floor and pulling out a wad of cash. He peeled off a few bills and placed the money back in his jeans. “Here man!” He said, with an attitude as he held out the money.

Quickly, I snatched it out of his hands and counted through it to make sure that it was all there.

“Um, Rod… what the fuck is this?” I asked, holding up the 100 dollars he had given me. What the fuck was I supposed to do with 100 dollars? That was chump change to me! A hundred dollars wasn’t enough to cover shit!

“I know, I’mma little short, but that’s all I can spare right now.” He tried to reason.

“A little… nigga, you a lot short, and I want my money. Run me my shit, or we gon’ have a problem.” I said, folding my arms across my chest letting his ass know that I meant business. Rodney knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t the one to be fucked with.

“What?!?” He stood up putting his dick back inside of the slit in his boxers before getting in my face. His face was balled up, and I swear he looked even sexier when he was upset. No lie, Rodney was fine as fuck. He didn’t look bad at all for a nigga that was pushing 40. Actually, you would’ve never guessed that he was damn near a middle-aged man. He was dark-skinned, with light brown eyes. His fade was tapered low, and his razor cut beard was trimmed to perfection. Standing at 6’3 and 220 pounds with broad shoulders and big feet, he was sexy just the way I liked them. Everything about him was on point…. except for his dick! Now that right there wasn’t hitting on shit!

“I said that’s all I got, and that’s all you getting! I got shit to take care of Desire! You better be glad I’m even helping yo ass out with that. I don’t pay for pussy, lil’ mama. I look out for you because I know that you need it, but if you want to get buck with a nigga, then fuck you!!! Don’t bite the hand that feed you…. remember that shit!!” He spat, right before his phone rang. He grabbed it off the counter and walked out leaving me to marinate on his last statement.

This nigga got me fucked all the way up! I grabbed my purse off the table. “He must don’t know who he fucking with!” I said to myself, while searching for my boy toy when the wad of cash sitting pretty in his pants pocket caught my eye. I smiled. Rodney must have forgotten the rules of the game, because his ass was about to take a major loss. Snatching the money out of his pants, I headed for the door. Before I could put my hand on the knob, he stopped me.

“Don’t let it hit you where the good Lord split you, Desire. I’ll fuck with you later.” He smirked, before flopping back down on his recliner.

“I bet you will playboy!” I winked with a devious smile plastered across my face before rushing out of the door and getting as far away from him as I could.


2 Days Later…

“Girl, I hit that nigga up for about five stacks the other night!” I laughed. My best friend Isyss and I were on the phone cracking up about the money I had took from Rodney the other night.

She and I had been on the phone for damn near an hour reminiscing on all the licks we had hit in the last few weeks. You see, me and Ice had to get it by any means necessary. At the tender ages of nineteen, she and I both had priorities and wasn’t shit coming up free in this world, so taking what we wanted and needed was our thing. We used our looks to rape these niggas pockets so that we could live ghetto fabulous. Ice and I were both living on our own, but unfortunately, we were still up in the hood and the bills had to be paid, so we did what we had to do to survive.

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