Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Ahhh!!!” I yelled out in pain as I felt approximately three bullets rip through my back! All I could hear was Desire screaming, glass breaking, and bullets flying. “Get the fuck out of here, Ma.” I said, as I lay on top of her trembling body. Desire made her way from underneath me and took off running through the house. I knew she would be safe, and really, that’s all that mattered. There was a spot underneath our dining room floor that no one knew about but me and Desire. When the bullets finally stopped flying, the three men made their way inside of our home. Their Italian accents spokes volumes. I tried my best to slide over in a corner but the pain was too excruciating. As soon as I looked over my shoulder……


The three men fell to the floor. Desire was coming from the dining room holding a gun that was damn near bigger than her. That bitch was a full automatic, and I had no idea where she had got it from.

“Bae!!! Oh my god!!!” She rushed over to me!!

“You okay? Shit!! We gotta get you to the hospital!! Who the fuck are those men?” She said as tears began pouring from her eyes.

“Ahh..fuck!! Didn’t I tell yo ass to leave Desire…” I managed to say.

“Put your arm around my neck…we gone lift up on the count of three…” She ignored me.

“One, Two…” She said. “Three.”

“Ahhhhh!!” I growled as I stood up to my feet with the help of Desire. I was on her left side, and she held the gun on her right.

We limped out of the house all the way to the car. Desire opened the door and helped me in the back seat. I watched her run around to the driver's side and hop in.

“Shit!!!!” She said hopping back out leaving the door open.

By now, I was breathing faster and faster. My breaths were becoming short, but I was trying my fucking best to hang in there. A few seconds later, she hopped back in and started the car.

“Yung!!! Stay with me daddy!!!!” I could hear Desire’s voice as I looked around the car, trying to keep myself alert. “We almost there baby!!!” She said as she continued to look from me to the road. The car was swerving, and I could hear horns blowing. I don’t think we ever stopped at a stop sign. “Come on, baby, let’s count. Count with me.”

One, Two, Three,” We said in unison. “Four, Five, Six.’”

Scuuurrrreddd!!! Booom!!!”

“Ahhh!!!!” I heard Desire scream as the car flipped over four or five times before coming to halt. All I smelt was gasoline and smoke. I could hear the sirens approaching at a distance. I was trying my best to breathe, but it had become a struggle. I just couldn’t hold on any longer. My eyes were weak, and it felt like I was paralyzed. There was a man….no two men….dressed in all black.

I looked on as the door to the driver’s side came open, and Desire was being snatched from the car. “Oh my god!!” I heard her scream.”

“Arggh!” One of the guys grunted, and I could tell Desire was putting up a fight. “Yung!!” She screamed my name, and I knew it was for help, but there wasn’t shit I could do at that moment. “Get the fuck off of me!” I heard her yelling. A tear escaped the corner of my eye as my body began to tremble. Fuck it! I’d rather just die if I couldn’t save her……..and with that….I took my last breath.

To be continued……

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