Color Blind (BWWM Single Parent Romance Novel)

By: Vivian Ward

“And what did they say?”

“The doctor indicated they’re all booked up today and he can’t examine her until the practice closes because they have no empty slots.”

“When does his office close?” he quizzed me.

“They said to bring her in at five.”

“Good, you can make it in after all.”

“Kevin, my shift started almost an hour ago. What do you sugest I do? Just leave my sick kid?” I challenged, angry at what he was suggesting.

“We need you. If you come in, I’ll waive the point and just put you down for six hours on the schedule this afternoon so it looks like you were here for your scheduled time.”

I thought about it for a moment. “And what do you suggest I do for my baby who can hardly walk because she can’t bend her legs?”

“Can’t your babysitter watch her at your house? She does have a babysitter, right?”

I sighed, “I’ll call her and ask if she will drive over here.”

My heart broke when I hung up with my boss. I wanted to stay home with my daughter so bad, but I didn’t wish to get into trouble either. I felt like I was ditching my baby for work, but I needed this job if I planned on paying bills and having insurance. I picked up the phone to call my friend. She answered on the first ring.


“Yes? Where are you? Weren’t you supposed to be working almost an hour ago?”

“Yeah, I was, but Nevaeh woke up last night. She was running a fever and was unable to bend her legs at all. Her knees appear more like knobs.”

“Aww, poor thing. Is she okay now or is she still sick?”

“Well, I have her on the couch with her blanket, watching cartoons. I called the doctor, and they said they will see her today, but it would be after office hours because they didn’t have any open slots this afternoon. I tried calling in to work, but Kevin is being a complete ass. He said I’ll receive an occurrence if I take the whole day off, or he’ll let me come in as soon as I can, change the schedule and not give me a point.”

“What are you going to do?” Lorraine asked.

“Well, as much as I hate to abandon Nevaeh, I will go in late. I was wondering if you would drive over here to babysit her though since she’s having trouble walking, plus it would buy me a little extra time while I get ready for work.”

“Absolutely. I’ll leave just as soon as I slip on my shoes and grab my purse.”

Later that day while I was at work, the same man came back in and requested to sit in my section. As I came out of the kitchen, I saw him sitting at one of my tables. Here we go again. I mustered a fake smile as I approached him.

“Good afternoon, sir. What can I get you to drink?”

“I’d like a Dr. Pepper, please,” he said grinning up at me.

When I returned with his drink, I took out my order pad. “What would you like today?” I tried not to sound annoyed.

“Your phone number, and this time, I’m not taking no for an answer.”

I inhaled sharply, “I already told you. I don’t give my number out to strangers. What would you like to order?”

“My name’s Dale Halloway. There, now I’m not a stranger.”

“That’s nice Dale. Real cute. What would you like to order?”

“I’d like to take you out if you’d quit being so God damned difficult. So tell me, where are we going?" he crossed his hands below his chin, waiting for my response.

I rolled my eyes, “Nowhere. Are you going to order or not? I have other tables that I need to attend to.”

“Yeah,” he said hastily. “Let me have…a turkey club with an order of fries, and your number.”

“I’ll put your order in,” I said, tucking my order pad into my apron as I walked away from the table.

Rachel could tell that I was stressed out as I made fountain sodas for my three top table.

“What’s wrong? You look pissed.”

“That guy’s back! He’s sitting in my section and demanding my phone number again. He said he’s not taking no for an answer,” I sighed.

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