Color Blind (BWWM Single Parent Romance Novel)

By: Vivian Ward

“What?” I asked, concerned it had more to do with my daughter’s illness.

“It’s nothing bad, but she picked the scab off her arm and used the blood to create small red dots all over her body to pretend she had chicken pox,” Lorraine said laughing.

“Oh. My. God. No, she didn’t! I swear, my child has an imagination!” My daughter smirked at me and shook her head, agreeing with me.

“Momma, you brought us home dinner for tonight?” she asked as she opened the car door and saw the containers in the seat.

“Yep, I figured my little angel would love to have fancy food from my work.” I beamed in the rear view mirror as she buckled herself.

That night after my daughter was ready for bed, I sat down on the couch to relax before I went to sleep. As I watched the television program, I thought about the man who tried to give me the generous tip that afternoon. It was a wonderful gesture, but for a salad? Of course, he had motives, though. He was trying to impress me so he could talk to me. I was torn on what I should’ve done.

I drifted off on the couch as the television continued to play. A loud scream that came from Nevaeh’s room startled me from my slumber. I jumped up and ran to check on her. Nevaeh was sitting up in her bed, tearful while holding her legs.

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked, despite how sleepy I was as I tried to rub my eyes.

“Momma, they hurt. I can’t even bend my legs,” she cried.

“Let me have a peek,” I insisted, pulling the covers back. Nevaeh’s knees had swollen more than they had been. I lightly touched them, trying to investigate what was causing the swelling. “Nevaeh, you’re scalding hot. Can I take your temperature?”

My daughter nodded her head as I got up to grab the thermometer. I placed it under Nevaeh’s tongue and waited for the beep. When I removed it, I was surprised when it read 101.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Do you hurt anywhere else? Is your throat sore or do you have a headache or anything like that?” I probed my daughter, trying to find the cause of the fever.

“No, momma. It’s just my knees, and my back hurts down at the bottom. My whole body feels tight.”

“It’s okay. Everything is going to be just fine. I’ll go get your medicine, would you take that for me?” I asked, brushing my daughter’s hair away from her face.

She nodded and replied, “Yes, but will it make me feel better?”

“I hope so honey. I’ll have it ready for you in a minute.”

I went to the kitchen and poured out a dose of ibuprofen for Nevaeh. As I did it, I wondered what was wrong with her. My baby almost never gets sick and when she does, she never actually complains. It was puzzling. After I had replaced the cap on the bottle, I headed to Nevaeh’s room with her meds and a cup of water.

“Okay sweetheart, you have to take a little and I brought you water,” I said, holding up the small pink cup. “Drink this up and get rested. You should feel better in the morning.”

Like a good girl, she took the dose and drank the water before she dozed off. I stayed with her until she was fast asleep. Once she was sleeping, I headed to the kitchen to place the spoon and cup in the sink. Worried about my baby, I decided I would go to sleep in Nevaeh’s room for the rest of the night. I scooted her over in her bed and climbed in beside her before I wrapped my arm around her and nodded off.

In the morning, I woke up to Nevaeh moaning in her sleep. I listened for a moment before waking her. She was in so much pain.

“Nevaeh,” I whispered. “Nevaeh….” I nudged her. “Are you feeling okay?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, unaware she’d been making noise as she slept. “I hurt mommy.”

“Yeah, I caught that baby. I’m calling in to work today and am going to try to get a hold of your doctor. You rest here for a little while.” I started to get up.

“Momma, I don’t like being in here by myself. Will you carry me to the couch and let me watch cartoons?”

“Sure, come here,” I gently scooped her up. “Do you want me to bring your blanket or pillow?”

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