Color Blind (BWWM Single Parent Romance Novel)

By: Vivian Ward

At the end of my evening, I grabbed two Styrofoam containers and made us dinner for the night. I was too tired to cook. Once I packed our meals, I hopped into my 2006 green Honda Civic and headed to Lorraine’s house to pick up my daughter. I couldn’t wait to lay eyes on my little girl, and Nevaeh would be excited when I brought home food from my work. As I pulled into Lorraine’s driveway, I spied my little sweetheart peeking out the window at me. I barely got out of my car before my pride and joy was running out the front door coming to greet me.

“Nevaeh!” I rejoiced, scooping up my child and hugging her tightly. Even though she was eight years old, she was tiny for her size.

“Hi, Momma! I missed you today,” she said as she attacked as she squeezed her arms around my neck. “I had so much fun while you were gone!”

“You did? What did you do?” I asked as we made our way toward the living room to gather Nevaeh’s things.

“Aunt Lorraine bought us a bunch of new finger paints and she let me paint before we had lunch!”

“That was sweet of her,” I said as we walked through the front door.

“Hi,” I said, laying my purse on the couch.

“Hey, Kimberly! How’s it going?”

“Eh, not too bad. We’re still horribly slow at work,” I complained. “But I had a customer who tried to give me a $50 tip…that I refused!”

“Fifty dollars? Was it a big group? And why would you refuse a big tip?” Lorraine wondered as they sat down at her kitchen table.

“Yep, and no, it wasn’t a big group. It was some cocky rich white guy. I think he was only trying to give me a big tip like that because he wanted my number.”

“So what happened?” she inquired.

“I told him he could keep his tip because he wasn’t getting my number and took my ass in the back. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m trying to raise a baby, not make more.”

My friend glanced at me, “I know what you mean, but what if he turned out to be really nice?”

“Did you not hear the fact that he’s white? And arrogant?”

“Hmmm. You always seem to attract the most undesirable men.”

“Rachel and Sherry were trying to talk me into chasing him down to give him my number. He was built and had nice clothes, but I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now. And could you imagine me telling my momma and brothers that I was dating a white man?”

“I don’t blame you,” my friend agreed as she got up to grab a glass of water. “Hey, I wanted to ask you about something. Did anything happen to Nevaeh’s knees? She was complaining about them so I checked them out and they’re pretty swollen.”

“I meant to tell you about it this morning when I dropped her off, but she had me running late so I forgot. We have no clue what happened. I called her pediatrician this afternoon and I take her in on Thursday at 4:30.”

“Oh, okay. Nevaeh complained it hurts her to walk and anytime she bends her knees. I questioned whether she fell and she replied that she hadn’t.” Lorraine explained.

“I know, I asked her the same thing. By chance, did she run a temperature at all today?”

“No, why?”

“She ran an intermittent fever on my days off work. Janice, the doctor’s assistant, said not to worry too much about it, and explained that Nevaeh may have caught a bug or virus.”

“Oh, no, she didn’t seem feverish or flushed. She acted and played just fine. I’ll keep an eye on her the next couple of days when I have her, though. Would you guys like to stay for dinner tonight?”

“No, I grabbed us a bite to eat from work. She loves when I do that.”

“She always brags when you bring food home,” my friend acknowledged.

“Well, I guess I better go collect my rambunctious daughter and her things. We’ll visit you tomorrow,” I reported as I gathered Nevaeh’s bag and called her to the front door.

“Okay. Hey!” Lorraine stopped me. “You might want to watch her; she did something else weird today.”

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