Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

After Tish’s call went to voicemail, I picked up the phone to dial Lance. I hoped like hell that he didn’t ask her to marry him. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach at just the thought

“What up Nyla? You set up an appointment to handle that?” He answered.

I rolled my eyes. “No! I’m not getting an abortion, Lance. You may as well be prepared to be a daddy for the second time.”

“You on some bullshit, man. You know me and Tish about to get married. LaNyla was a mistake, but she ain’t gone accept me making that mistake two times,”

“But, your ass still haven’t told her about LaNyla! She’s the girl’s god mommy; not knowing she step momma too!”

“And I’m not telling her until I’m good and ready to. You know she ain’t gone fuck with you no more if I do.”

My face frowned all the way up. He said that shit like I cared. “I don’t give a fuuuuuuck! I’m not pressed for no friends! You been promised me that you were leaving her, then you go out and get her a ring? So y’all getting married?”

He sighed into the phone as I pulled into Club Rain’s parking lot. I was one of the hottest dancer’s at the club; even after pushing out two kids. My body was banging, and I was a sexy ass red bone with red hair. I had a few stretch marks, but that was the least of nigga’s worries. I had those thick child baring hips, and my ass was so fat that I had motherfucka’s walking up to me to ask if it was real, Lance included.

I remember the first time he came into the club and saw me dance. The Negro was all over me, shocking the hell out of me. I tried to laugh him off, because he was drunk and he was also my best friend’s man. But he was so aggressive with it, and dead set on fucking my thick ass.

Eventually, I said fuck it and let him get a taste. He got all crazy and possessive afterwards; like I was his girl, and it’s been history ever since. But, now he was trying to play it like he wasn’t the one who started this.

“Listen, I just pulled up to the club. I’ll talk to you later.”

“So you gone still shake yo’ ass on that pole, even though you pregnant with my seed? You need to sit yo’ ass down somewhere.”

“Boy stop! You just asked me to get rid of the baby, but now you’re concerned about your seed? Let me get off this phone so I can find me a nigga to come take care of me and my babies; cause they daddy acting like a broad.” With that, I hung up laughing my ass off. I knew that Lance was going the fuck off on my ass and would probably be up at the club thinking that he could regulate some shit.

I could get deep under Lance’s skin, and I loved it. He’d fallen for me and just didn’t want to admit it because Tish was still in the picture. He liked his cake and he wanted to eat it too… not anymore.

Chapter Five


See, I didn’t know why Nyla always liked to mess with me, like I wouldn’t fuck her silly ass up. It was like she got a kick out of making me go off on her ass. She wasn’t happy unless I was clowning.

I loved the shit out of Tish, but I loved Nyla too. They say it’s impossible to love two people at the same time, but I’m living proof that the theory was a lie. I mean, all the things that Tish didn’t do, Nyla did.

But, Tish was wifey. She was the sophisticated bitch that you could take anywhere and be proud to call her your gal. That’s what I loved about her. Plus, she was going to ride for me regardless of if I didn’t have nothing, or if I was sitting on top of the world. She played tough, but she was soft as cotton and especially soft on me.

I leaned back in my recliner chair with a smile, thinking about my current dilemma. My homeboys said that I was stupid for falling for best friends. They was just mad at how tight my game was. There wasn’t too many niggas that could carry it like me.

“Who were you just on the phone with?” Tish came from upstairs, dressed in a spandex workout outfit, showing off too much of her shape for my taste. Tish and Nyla were the thickest chicks that I have ever seen. Plus, they both were fine as fuck.

“Don’t be questioning me. Where you going with those tight ass leggings on? Yo’ pussy print all showing!” I growled, frowning up.

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