Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

I sniffled. Damnit Lance, why’d he have to be such an asshole? If he wasn’t so foul, I wouldn’t have ever assumed that he was cheating on me. He fueled that fire.

“Well, why you didn’t just say that then, Lance? Why’d you let me assume it, and why didn’t Nyla say shit? Any other time the heffa’ got so much mouth.”

“Man, you had that damn gun in your hand, I wasn’t thinking straight enough to say shit. I thought it was real.” He shrugged. “Hey, if you said I was guilty then my ass was guilty. You really hurt ol’ girl’s feelings though. You need to talk to her, and while you’re at it, you need to let me know if you gone be my wife.” He smiled, still holding the box with the ring in it out for me to accept.

I was speechless. As much as I wanted us to be married and have that Brady Bunch family, I couldn’t say yes. Lance wasn’t ready to be my husband, and I knew it.

“This is all so much. I,”

He stopped me, moving in and placing his lips to mine. He used his tongue to part my lips and began to kiss me sloppily, sucking on my bottom lip. “Shhh, you don’t have to answer now. Just tell me you gone stop tripping and a nigga can come home. I was trying to give you a little space, but I miss my home.” He said just above a whisper, talking into my skin.

His warm breath sent chills up mine spine.

Lance was so fucking sexy to me. His 6’3 frame was perfectly built, with thick muscular arms and a six pack, covered in tattoos. I loved a man with tattoos. That shit just did something to me. They looked so delicious against his caramel skin. I talked that shit about leaving Lance, but he had me open wider than the red sea.

Chapter Four


I cruised down Seven mile, bobbing my head to Kash Kidda, with the music banging so loud that it caused my car to vibrate. I was really in my feelings, but I was trying to use the music to drown it out.

The way that Tish spazzed out on us the other day had me ready to slap that bitch. She called me every hoe and bitch in the book but she forgot to call me a bad bitch! This hoe was good enough to take her man and give him not one but possibly two babies and she had given him none.

Lance tried to play roles, but he loved my ass. He treated me just like he treated Tish, and he was in my bed damn near more than he was in Tish’s. Lance couldn’t get enough of this good good.

I rolled my eyes, picking up my phone as it rung with a call from Tish. The bitch must have been out of her feelings. Now she wanted to call and talk. Lance told me that he was going to propose to her today. So he probably made up some bogus ass story and she believed his dumb ass. She was so stupid for that nigga that it was ridiculous.

Lance was a trifling ass dog that would never change. He was fucking me, the pizza lady, the mail lady, and probably the midget bitch down the street too. If Tish hadn’t walked in, we probably would have been fucking right there on her couch, as we did plenty of times before.

I had just told Lance that I was pregnant with his second child and he basically told me that I was getting an abortion. That shit hurt. He busted in me like he wanted another baby; yet, when it happened, he tried to throw money for an abortion at me like I was some random bitch. I tried not to break down, but the tears began to flow instantly.

I was so tired of our situation; tired of sharing my man, tired of those lonely nights because despite what he thought, I was being faithful to his dog ass. Lance made me feel things that no other man could. When he wasn’t being an asshole, we vibed and had fun with each other.

I cared about him too much and our baby was created out of love. Plus he was a damn good father to both of my daughters already; one that wasn’t biologically his. So, hell no. I wasn’t getting an abortion.

Tish walked in on us just as he grabbed me, and pulled me into his arms. I knew that sex would have been coming next. Lance thought sex solved all problems.

Even though he knew how to put it down in the bedroom, it wasn’t good enough to solve the problem that he created. I wasn’t getting an abortion. He could go straight to hell if he didn’t like it.

Lance and I had been fooling around for nearly three years now. He kept saying that he was going to leave Tish alone and focus on our family, but it hasn’t happened yet. My baby girl, LaNyla, was almost two and here I was pregnant with his second child and the Negro still was with the bitch!

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