Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

I rode in silence, thinking about what I was going to do without Lance. Seven years was a long time to be held down, and the fact that I was single began to settle in. I wanted to come home to my man and cuddle up next to him while he rubbed on my booty. I was the mushy type. I needed that hugging, kissing, and cuddling. Sometimes I wondered if I stayed with Lance for all those years just because I was scared of being alone.

Fuck Lance! I felt free again. I didn’t have to put up with the bullshit anymore. At twenty-four, I was tired of playing games with these co-called men.

“Oh my God! Why is he here!” I sighed, pulling into my driveway. Lance’s crazy ass was camped out on my porch, leaned against the wall, smoking a blunt. His cocky ass had a nerve to be looking good standing there too, which made me even madder. Why couldn’t he be some ugly, bum nigga that I could just kick to the curb and not think twice about? I didn’t feel like listening to him beg and gravel about how he loved me and how he was sorry or whatever bullshit that he would come up with. Lance wasn’t sorry at all. He wouldn’t keep doing me the way that he did if he cared.

It was nearly ten o’clock and I had to be to the office in the morning. If I allowed him into my home, I knew that I wouldn’t get any sleep from arguing with him all night. I started to just ride past the house and sleep at my mother’s. But, I decided not to give him that power. I hopped out of my truck and made my way to the door, unlocking it.

“So we ignoring each other now? Why my ma’fuckin’ key ain’t work?” He fussed, talking to me as if everything was cool. I didn’t get his ass. He must have really had mental issues.

“Because I changed the locks!” I shot with a hint of sarcasm and an attitude.

“You know it’s fucked up that you put my shit on the lawn. Half my clothes are gone. I’m seeing crackheads walking around in my shit.” He sounded mad, but I could give two shits about how he felt.

Lance followed me into the house and I didn’t protest. I didn’t have the strength to fight with him. I just shrugged. “Buy some more, you got it. Or better yet, tell Nyla to boost you a new wardrobe. The bitch is good at stealing.”

Lance kissed his teeth. “Man, ain’t nobody thinking about that girl. We wasn’t even doing nothing. You just jumped to conclusions. And that shit with that gun wasn’t funny. Don’t play with me like that.”

“Please spare me, Lance.” I threw my hand up for him to stop. “So, mysteriously, you and her ended up at our house while I’m supposed to be at work? And y’all all hugged up? You’re lucky that it was only a water gun because I would have shot both of your asses.”

Lance stared at me with his brown eyes masked in long lashes. His cocky expression was something that I once loved, but now, I couldn’t stand the sight of him. I hated him for how much he hurt me,

“Come on Tish, the girl started crying. What was I supposed to do? I wouldn’t fuck with your sister man, what type of slime ball nigga do you think I am?” He tried reasoning.

I shook my head, shifting my weight to one foot. I wasn’t feeding into his bullshit today. “First of all, why was she in my house? Why in the hell were you parading around with the bitch all day? Oh I saw y’all. You’re busted.” I folded my arms across my chest and stared at him, awaiting an answer.

He looked away for a second, then turned back around. His face held a hint of a smile as he reached into his pocket. “Because she was helping me pick out this.” He whipped out a small black box, displaying a white gold diamond crusted engagement ring. It was flawless! My hands shot to my chest. Lance and I had talked about marriage on several occasions, but he’d brush me off. He said that we were both single with no kids and needed to bask in the glory of freedom. However, after seven years, I was ready to settle down and start our family!

As I eyed the ring, tears began to slide down my face. Nyla crossed my mind. I was wrong as hell for the way I went off on her and she was just being a friend. I should have known she wasn’t that grimy. How would I apologize to her? What would I say?

“Yea, you’re crazy ass always assuming shit. We were just riding around trying to pick you out a ring.” He stepped closer, grabbing my hand and giving it a tug. Staring into my eyes, he rubbed my cheek with the back of his hand. “I’m trying to make this shit forever and you tripping on a nigga, crying and shit. She was having nigga problems; that’s all it was. But fuck that. You should have known I wouldn’t do you dirty like that. I love yo’ water headed ass.” He chuckled.

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