Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

“Open yo’ eyes and look at me.” He demanded. I did, getting wetter as I stared in his sexy ass face; the rugged beard that connected to his side burns and mustache, his thick pink lips, and those got damned eyes. Hell yeah, I loved the shit out of my man!

“Say it. Tell daddy you love him.”

“I do. I love you with everything in me.” I cooed.

“You better. You gone have my baby?” He asked killing my vibe.

I didn’t even answer him. He had been pressuring me lately about giving him a baby. He didn’t have any kids and neither did I. I was only twenty-four and not ready to push out nobody’s baby… no matter how much I loved E.

“I said is you gone give me my Jr? You gone stop not answering when I ask you a question!” He growled, hitting it harder, driving right into my spot. He wasn’t showing no mercy, and the tingling in my pussy told me that I was about to come.

“Yess daddy, yesss.” I sang.

“Yes what? You gone give me a baby?”

“Yessss,” I would have agreed to jump off a cliff with him at the moment. My whole body was on fire as my juices released on his dick. Seconds later, he was cumming too.

We both screamed out, collapsing on the couch with me on top of him. “You nasty,” I chuckled, pecking his lips.

“And you like that shit too. I think I pumped twins up in yo’ ass.”

I hit him in his chest. “Don’t say that. You got to stop doing that before I really end up pregnant!”

His brows furrowed. “What the fuck you think I’m trying to do. I wouldn’t bust inside of you if I really wasn’t trying to pop one in you.”

I paused for a second, trying to contemplate my next words. “You think we’re ready for that? We’ve only been together a year Eric. We’re so young.”

“And I know that you the one I want to share everything with; my last name and all that shit. I been ready. Why you acting like having my baby is so bad?”

“It’s not. I just,”

“You just need to shut up and go fix me dinner. And don’t put no clothes on. I might slide back in it and make you have quadruplets.” He chuckled, as if the decision to have kids was just as simple as choosing what outfit to wear.

I didn’t know why he didn’t understand that having a baby was the last thing I was thinking about. I wanted to be further in my career, to travel the world, and enjoy being a young bitch with no major responsibilities. I didn’t even respond to his ass. I just hopped up to get dinner started.

“And tell yo’ home girl to holla’ at my brother. They both on some love sick shit. Maybe if they get together they can stop fucking with us.” He called after me.

I smiled at the thought. That was the best thing he said all day. I had forgotten that Los had just broken it off with his annoying ass girlfriend, Brielle. Los was that nigga, and he was perfect for my best friend. I was definitely about to play matchmaker. But, first I had to call and apologize for E’s rudeness.

Chapter Three


One week without Lance, and I was feeling like anything was possible! I can’t front, I was sick as hell the first two days, though. I felt like the world was about to end; he was my everything. I wanted to answer his calls, and listen to the sorry-ass lies that I was sure to come, but I held my own.

I was tired. There was only so much that a woman could take. My best friend? He could have chosen any bitch to fuck around with other than her. I didn’t want an explanation. I didn’t want anything from him, but for him to leave me alone and stay the hell away from me.

I even went as far as to get my cousin, Willie, to help me pack up his shit and drop his belongings off on his mother’s yard, and then I changed the locks. He had no reason to come back to my house, at all.

“Damn, what you thinking about so hard?” My girl Raina asked, snapping me from my thoughts. I looked over at her as the Chinese lady continued to file my nails.

Every two weeks, Raina and I would hook up to get our hair and nails done, then go out to eat and have girl talk about our men. Lord knows I needed to release some of the pinned up aggression that I had.

“You already know what I’m thinking about. How could Nyla do me like that? I mean, I’ve been cool with the bitch since we were eight years old. My mother is basically her mother!” I growled, knowing that I needed to save the conversation for when we were alone. I felt myself getting emotional.

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