Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

E pulled me back down. “You hard headed as fuck. But go head. You gone pay for not handling this dick when I asked you to.” His eyes slanted down to his hardened rod. My mouth began to water, craving his thick magic stick. Lord knows E knew how to put a punishing on my poor little kitty that was so good that I’d still be feeling the orgasms days later.

I debated on hanging up, but Tish had already picked up. “Hello,” She sniffled into the phone.

I knew that it was hitting her hard now. For Tish to be crying, she had to really be hurting. Tish was always one of those tough acting, in control broads. She hardly ever cried.

“What happened? Are you okay boo?” I immediately asked, looking back to roll my eyes at E. “See, my friend needs me.” I whispered, looking him up and down.

E chuckled, shrugging. “I said do you. But, I’m gone have yo’ ass walking bo-legged for a whole week fuckin’ with my dick. You did all that teasing just to stop and call yo’ home girl.” He fussed.

I ignored him. “Don’t cry boo. Fuck that nigga! He doesn’t deserve you anyway. And I definitely don’t have shit to say about yo’ sister. What’s understood don’t need to be spoken. She been a hoe.” I admitted.

I couldn’t stand that low-classed bitch. She was jealous hearted as hell. She was one-of those broads that only wanted to see you happy when she was happy. Her ass was miserable and always trying to make everyone else around her miserable.

“I just feel so stupid, Raina. Then, that motherfucker has the nerve to keep blowing up my phone to talk. For what though? What is there to take about?”

“Shit! And you better not take his sorry-ass back. I promise I will be so mad at you. That nigga ain’t right! When love is real, it ain’t gone lie, cheat, pretend, or have you second guessing yourself. It’s supposed to be your cure, not your sickness.” I smiled, thinking of E. He was my everything and more. I didn’t know where his lil’ ass came from, but I was glad as hell that I found him.

Tish let out a sigh. “I know,”

“I hope,” My words froze in my throat, as E snuck me from behind, pushing me over onto the couch. I had to use my free hand to balance myself. He gave me no time to think. In the matter of seconds, he had ripped my panties off and shoved every inch of his thick package inside of me. I gasped, as he began to slam into my wetness.

“I told yo’ ass to take care of me first,” he groaned, smacking my ass.

I heard Tish yelling something into the phone, but I couldn’t speak. I tried to muffle the moan that escaped my lips, but I’m sure that Tish heard it.

“Don’t stop talking now, Raina. Didn’t you say fuck me, so you can gossip with your girl?” He talked shit, never missing a beat. He had a tight grip on my hips as he long stroked me. I could feel him all up in my stomach and the shit felt so good.

“I-I-I got to go,” I stuttered into the phone.

“Ewwe, you’re a nasty bitch. Bye heffa’,” Tish hung up and I dropped the phone, throwing it back on his dick. My pussy got to gushing, feeling him roughly pound away at it.

I bit the folds of my cheek. “You’re so wrong for this.” I moaned, in complete ecstasy.

“So I’m wrong for making you feel good? Don’t ever leave my shit on hard to come gossip. You supposed to satisfy daddy first. Do you understand?” He growled, smacking my ass again.

Damn, it was feeling so good. I couldn’t even respond.

He pounded into me harder, causing me to let out a high pitched squeal. “I said do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, yesss,” I managed to utter, arching my back a little more to match his stroke.

“Damn this pussy getting wet for daddy. You about to make me bust. Turn around.” He pulled out, not giving me a chance to do as I was told. His strong arms scooped me up and eased me onto his dick. He held me in the air trying to fuck me into a euphoric coma, all while staring into my face with those dark, penetrating eyes. He slowed down a bit.

“You love me, Raina?”

I nodded, still biting down on my bottom lip. My eyes were closed shut. Lord knows I never wanted the feeling to end.

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