Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

“Shit! Tish, ba… baby, I thought you was at work.” Lance began to stammer over his words.

“I bet you did!” I chuckled, reaching into my purse and grabbing my toy, then I pointed it at the both of them.

“Ahhh,” Nyla yelped, in surprise. “ Tish, I’m so sor,” What was she crying for? She wasn’t crying when she was parading around town with my man!

“You’re sorry?” I grimaced, cutting her off. “Yea, you are a sorry ass corny bitch. You want to be me so bad that you had to come for my man? Both of y’all are just sick!” My face scrunched up in disgust. The whole situation was making me sick.

I put my finger on the trigger and focused on Lance’s head. “ I can expect it from a gutter-ass-low–life-hoe like her. But I can’t believe you Lance. What was I doing so bad that you had to go and fuck my best friend? I was the one shooting with you in the gym. I was the one holding you down when nobody wanted to fuck with you. And this how you repay me?”

The look plastered across Lance’s face was priceless. He had his hands in the air and everything. I almost wanted to laugh. I probably would have if I wasn’t so mad.

“Come on, Tish. Put the gun away and let’s talk, baby. This not what you think, I promise.”

How cliché. That’s what they all said. How the hell did he know what I thought was going on?

“Then what is it, Lance?” I asked, trying to disguise the hurt laced in my voice. When he didn’t answer, I turned to Nyla. “Better yet, Nyla, say something. I done cried on your shady ass shoulder plenty of nights about his trifling ass and you sitting back in the cut sucking on him. I should blow yo’ brains out first!”

“Wait, no Tish,”

“Just shut up! You’re not even worth the bullet it would take to shoot your ass with.” I snarled, facing Lance. “But you, you betrayed me for the last time. I’m tired of your shit.” I put my finger on the trigger and aimed at Lance’s head. His eyes grew as big as saucers.

“Nooo wait, Tish. Aaargghh.” He screamed like a bitch, as the water from my water gun shot him in the face. He jerked back, thinking it was a real bullet.

I just wanted to teach him a lesson. I wasn’t a killer at all. Lance was going to suffer more knowing that he’d lost the best thing to ever happen to him. Because one thing is for sure, he was never going to find a bitch like me; especially fuckin’ around with bitches like Nyla.

She was a money hungry opportunist. Nyla couldn’t tell you the meaning of love. The bitch didn’t give a damn about nobody but herself and today proved it.

“You crazy, man. That shit ain’t funny, Tish. Damn!” He cried out mad as hell, wiping his face.

I couldn’t hold my composure any longer. I burst into laughter. “Now get yo’ wack ass out my house and take her with you. I advise you both to stay the fuck away from me. It’s over bastard! ” With that, I turned on my heels and made my way to my room with my head held high. I looked in control, but I wanted to break down. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. Why me? Why did fucked up shit always happen to lil’ ol me?

Chapter Two


“Why you so worried about what they got going on over there? Yo’ nigga need some attention.” My boyfriend, E, looked at me with those alluring dark brown eyes. He pretended to pout and that shit was so cute to me. E was undoubtedly sexy and sometimes just looking at him caused my whole body to shudder.

His caramel skin was covered in tats and he had this cocky ass swag that I loved all too well. E had caught me at my most vulnerable time. I only decided to mess with him to help get my mind off my ex. Plus, he was one of those fly ass niggas with money, and bitches threw their pussy at him on a regular, so I couldn’t possibly take him serious, so I thought.

Fast forward exactly fourteen months… that nigga had my head gone! E was that nigga and he had no problem showing me why. He knew he had me sprung, and that’s why I shook my head at his ass as we laid in my bed, with me scrolling through my phone for Tish’s number.

“But my best friend needs me! I can’t just not check on her. She just found out her man was creeping with her sister.” I whined, pressing send before he could protest further. “It’s already ringing. I’ll only be a second.” I perked, standing up to hop off the bed to talk to Tish in the den.

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