Anyone U Want

By: Evangeline Anderson

Pulling the clip out of her hair and putting her over my knee so that all those long red curls hang down as I push up her skirt. She’ll struggle and cry while I pulled down her panties but we both know she needs to take her punishment. With the panties out of the way I can finally see the creamy, white skin of her luscious ass. Once I start spanking her all that beautiful pale skin will turn as red as a sunset and Holly will writhe and moan, begging me not to stop. To never stop…

“Mr. Harris—you were saying?”

He looked up to see Holly staring at him curiously, her fingers poised over the iThink. Great, apparently he’d drifted off to fantasyland in the middle of business dictation.

“I…um…” Grant cleared his throat, hoping his erection didn’t show under his four thousand dollar suit pants.

This was ridiculous and incredibly frustrating. Grant had been born to wealth and privilege and for the past five years, since his father had passed the reins, he’d been running a multi-billion dollar company. He was a man who was used to having what he wanted and right now what he wanted was the girl sitting not ten feet away from him, waiting patiently for him to find his train of thought and continue dictating. The girl he could never have because he was afraid to scare her off.

Off limits, he reminded himself and cleared his throat. “I was saying that I, uh, I’m sorry, Miss Sparks but I’m afraid I’ll have to take a business trip over the Christmas holiday after all. I’ll understand if you can’t come—I know you have family obligations this time of year and—”

“I’ll come,” she interrupted quietly. “Is it really being held on the moon?”

“Yes, it is. That’s neutral ground for Psi-no Industries so it’s the only place they’ll agree to meet. Especially since they think we’re trying to take them over.”

“And are we? I mean, are you?” Holly corrected herself, blushing.

“Well, they are our biggest competitors and rumor has it that Howard Meeks, their CEO, is having some serious financial difficulties. I might consider it but it’s a very delicate situation. You just can’t force these things—it takes finesse.” Grant squeezed one hand into a fist to illustrate his point. “Sometimes you have to dominate quietly by sheer force of will.”

“Oh…oh really? You have to, uh, dominate them?” Holly’s voice sounded slightly breathy. Grant wondered if he was imagining it—wishful thinking maybe?

“Yes,” he asserted. “And once I determine if they’re worth acquiring I’ll make my move. Of course, the employees will be frightened at first. They’ll think I want to do them harm—strip them bare and leave them naked and helpless.”

“Naked and…and completely helpless,” Holly repeated. Her cheeks were flushed and she was definitely breathing harder now. This time Grant was sure he wasn’t imagining things.

“Yes,” he murmured, taking a step toward her. “Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, Miss Sparks. The world perceives me as ruthless but I would never hurt anyone under me. I might have to whip them into shape a little and let them know I expect to be obeyed but I would never do them permanent or lasting harm.”

“No…no of course you wouldn’t.” Holly was nearly panting now. “And if you had to whip them—punish them—it would only be for their own good.”

Grant was intrigued. Was she actually getting turned on by his analogy? “You find the idea of a whipping intriguing, Miss Sparks?” he asked, watching her intently.

“Oh yes! I mean…” Holly looked flustered. “I mean, only if they need it. Those other employees, I mean.”

“Of course,” Grant murmured, smiling. “Only if they need it.”

“So, accommodations.” Holly cleared her throat and sat up straighter, obviously trying to get back to business. “Where would you like to stay during this trip?”

“You pick.” Grant was sorry to leave their current topic of conversation but at least now he had food for thought. Maybe there was more to the demure Miss Sparks than met the eye? He certainly hoped so.

“The Pleasure Dome,” Holly said, surprising him yet again with her choice of hotel.

Grant raised an eyebrow at her. “The Pleasure Dome? You do realize that’s right in the heart of the red light district?”

“Yes, I realize that.” She met his eyes with an obvious effort.

Grant shook his head. “I would have thought you’d choose the Moon Hilton or someplace equally prestigious and shall we say, less disreputable. Everyone knows The Pleasure Dome caters exclusively to tourists looking for sex, scandal, and general debauchery. Explain your choice.”

Holly sat up straighter. “Staying at a hotel in the red light district instead of a more respectable location will throw Meeks off. He’ll think you’re there for the…distractions offered only on the moon instead of serious business.”

Grant nodded thoughtfully. Holly was always full of surprises but this one was more surprising than most. Still, she had an excellent reason for her choice and he liked her logic. “A very good point,” he said at last. “Very well, The Pleasure Dome it is.”

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