Billionaire's Threat

By: Sloan Storm


My tongue rolled from between my lips with a sensual flick as I straddled him. If I wasn’t fucking him, I would have devoured him. The presence of him inside me was the only thing keeping me from sheer insanity.

I alternated between wanting nothing more than to pepper him with the tenderest affection I could sustain and to tear him apart with all the force I could gather. Begging him to take me anywhere and in any way he saw fit, I both submitted to him and demanded a satisfaction no man could deliver. At least no man I’d ever encountered before Grey.

Still hard as stone and on the verge of another orgasm, Grey’s intent never wavered. In my appreciation, I’d scratched and clawed at him, paying him the tribute he deserved for the primal need he filled within me. A few marks were deeper than others. Some hinted of blood, others not just yet. Yet through it all he remained true, unwilling to concede defeat to the lust that burned throughout my body.

In all my years, never had I experienced such a wanton need to be taken, ravished, used…

But my desire was a cruel master and enslaved me to only one man.

Grey Sinclair.

Now as he took me, with his hands wrapped under my ass cheeks suspending me with next to no effort, breath escaped from my lips in rhythmic puffs. Like a sexual locomotive, I expelled hot, steam-filled gasps each time he thrust inside.

I’d lost track of time. Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered to me except my satisfaction.

The only problem was there seemed to be no limit. From morning until night, I thought about him, it. It was nearly all-consuming, as if control over it was beyond my ability to influence. My desire raged, bordering on obsession.

No, fuck that… possession.

I had to completely possess everything about him.

Was it lust? Madness?

After Grey’s second orgasm, we’d kissed and fucked our way down the hall into the bedroom.

Moonlight streaked in through the open windows, casting a dark shadow across his chiseled form. I licked my lips like a feral she-wolf, grabbing hold of Grey’s hard ass as he claimed me beneath the glaring white with rhythmic grunts.

Just then, he peeled me from the wall, swinging my entire body towards the open window and propping me up on the sill, thirty stories up. A stray gust of wind delivered traces of salt air from the Pacific to my nostrils as my head fell back between my shoulders. My eyes flickered open towards the stars overhead as Grey steadied me in the precarious perch.

My legs hooked low and I yanked his ass towards me as I crossed my feet together in desperation. I rolled my head forward again, grabbing my hair in my hand as I did. I pulled it behind my head and wrapped my free hand around Grey’s shoulder and upper back for support. I inhaled and a high-pitched moan exploded from me as I looked down between my thighs.

Moon rays flickered between us, illuminating his cock in slippery shadow as it slid in and out. My pussy hugged it tight, lips expanding and contracting as they accommodated his girth.

“Ah,” I hummed. “Oh fuck. Mmm, hmm.”

Grey pumped in and out, like a muscled piston. The veins in his arms engorged as he held me tight at the crease in my hips. The increased blood flow drew his musculature out, bringing it into sharp relief under the glare of the white moon overhead.

The cool night air licked at my backside as he fucked me. With each thrust, cries escaped from my lips, cutting the late night calm with arrogance. When I first cried out, the part of me that cared flashed with worry about things like neighbors and visits from building security. But as his cock filled me, I lost the resolve. For all I cared, they could have helicoptered an eviction notice to me, sent a SWAT team, it wouldn’t have mattered.

I couldn’t have stopped even if ten thousand pairs of eyes watched.

My whimpers turned to chirps. Chirps yielded to grunts. Grunts submitted to moans. Moans surrendered to cries. I leaned my head back and they sputtered from my lips into the night air, disrupting the silence yet again. My hands slipped along the edge of the sill as I tried to steady myself. The arch in my exposed backside prickled with coolness, providing the perfect natural buffer to the heat between my thighs.

After a sudden sharp thrust, I snapped my head forward.

“Oh, Grey, fuck…” I moaned. I squeezed my eyes tight with pleasure. “Yes, mmm, right there. Oh, don’t stop!”

Grey lowered his head towards me and I thrust my hands into his scalp, grabbing two fistfuls of his hair. He grunted and I bucked my hips hard against his pelvis. My eyes flipped open and wandered down the length of his lean backside. Layers of muscle rippled just beyond my reach, beckoning my touch.

The sight of it stirred a wild lust within me and just then I released my hands from his hair and gripped his upper back with all my might. My entire body wrapped hard around Grey like a vice. A toe curling climax raced up the length of my spine, exploding in my mind and sending a flash of brilliant bright white across my field of vision. I screamed, cried, whimpered and shook as it took over and I held on to Grey with every bit of strength I could muster.

Shocks of pleasure pulsed in waves as orgasm claimed my mind and body. My head rolled from one side to the other as my mouth drifted open with a final exhale. Bliss receded from me and I went limp in Grey’s arms. With an effortless turn, he swept me away from the window sill, turned and dropped me into the mattress.

I giggled as I bounced, still punch-drunk from my climax. Every square inch of my body tingled as Grey moved across my body like a dark menace. Licking his lips, he slipped between my legs and grabbed hold of my thighs, pinning them back. My breath hitched in my throat as he grabbed the base of his cock and moved towards me.

Wasting no time, he inserted the full length of it. I shuddered with delight as he claimed me, wriggling beneath him like a wildcat in heat. Grey lowered his body over mine, bracing himself above me by locking his arms on either side of my torso.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

A smile curled to the edges of his lips and he lowered his mouth to mine. Our tongues exchanged wet heat as I relaxed my body into the mattress beneath, readying myself for his pleasure. By now our bodies glistened with a sheen, evidence of the effort that had consumed us for nearly two hours.

We continued to kiss as Grey’s hips rocked back and forth against me. Reaching up, I cradled his strong jaw, crawling along the bottom of it with the tips of my nails. I whimpered with each thrust, as he pressed more and more of his weight into me. I sensed the change build within him. His dick stiffened and a frown of delight came over his face.

“I’m coming,” he grunted, as he broke his lips free of mine.

My tongue flicked out as I savored the sweet flavor of his mouth left behind on mine.

“Mmm, hmm,” I whispered.

I slid my hips back and forth beneath him, getting them into the perfect position. Grey’s magnificent musculature arched and bowed above me as I reached up to his head and teased small locks of his hair between the tips of my fingers. This was my bliss, seeing him so perfectly aligned with his own pleasure as he took me.

The pitch of his grunts grew throaty and low as the time between them narrowed. I felt Grey’s entire body tense with purpose as his moment approached. Hypnotized by his movements, I was shocked when he reached for my wrists and pinned them to the mattress.

He squeezed them tight and cried out.

His warmth streamed inside of me and as it did, I arched my neck and a smile spread to my lips. I sputtered a satisfied breath as Grey’s thrusting began to ease. Soon, his heaviness pressed into my curves and as it did, I reached up and made one final pass along the deep crevices and full ridges of his backside.

After a few moments and a tender kiss, he slid off me, exhausted.

For several minutes, we lay there wordless, as the heat of our passion dissipated. The room fell quiet and it wasn’t long before his breath took on the familiar rhythm of sleep. A devious smile came to my mouth as I made my way towards him and cradled his cock in my hand.

Grey grunted in displeasure and slapped me away.

A first.

“That’s my third time in two goddamn hours, Maddie,” he grumbled. “I’m beat. What’s gotten into you?”

I draped myself across him, flopping my arm over his chest and my leg across his thigh. Turning my head towards his chest, I began to kiss him.

“I don’t know.” I pressed my lips to his flesh. Releasing them once again, I continued, “I haven’t ever felt like this before. It’s like I can’t stop.”

“Mmm, hmm.” Grey muttered. His tone carried the sound of impending sleep in it.

I continued to pepper Grey’s chest with tender smacks. The heady aroma of our lovemaking clung to his skin and tantalized me, making me unable, or unwilling, to hear his request for a break. Instead, I glided my hand back down towards his cock and caressed it once again.

Grey stirred to awareness, swatting my hand away again as he protested. “I said ‘no’, woman. Stop it and let me sleep.”

“Okay…” I groaned as I rolled off of him.

I lay in the darkness, wide awake. Within minutes Grey was asleep.


As he snoozed, my entire body continued to tingle with lust. I felt as if I had no control over my urges any longer. I couldn’t get enough of him. I needed him to be near me, in me, all the time.

What the hell was happening to me?


With rehearsals ending the week before, we’d finally reached the point where filming was set to begin. To celebrate, Grey organized a big party to kick things off. Everyone was there, including Grey, of course, and Katy, along with my co-stars, most of the crew, the director and producers. Grey was of the mindset that making a movie was just like running a successful business and events like this would bring us closer as a team.

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