The Billionaire's Arranged Marriage

By: CJ Howard

All of her doubts were gone. All of the pain and confusion, the anger and misunderstandings vanished, and in their place was deep, real, true love that would last them the rest of their lives.

Weeks later, she was dressed in a gown of white that cascaded from her lovely figure down to the floor. Her father was in a traditional kimono, as were the rest of her family who had come for the ceremony. Her mother was beyond pleased, gliding around like a geisha, entertaining the guests and family members, and Carter was hooked at the elbow to her uncles who had flown in from Japan for her wedding, and for the business that would be undertaken afterward.

The ceremony was simply beautiful, held in the grand and lush gardens behind the house. Everything around the ceremony was decked out in flowers and draped material, an orchestra played, and doves were released after their vows were spoken.

Both Reed and Jillian felt the absence of his brother, Anderson, but neither one of them felt that he should be there. Nothing was said about him by anyone during or after the ceremony, and at the reception, their joy was only increased as Jillian’s uncles presented them with the gift of a long touring honeymoon.

The day ended in a glorious sunset and as the moon rose, Jillian and Reed were nestled into the cozy bed at the back of their private jet.

As they flew away into the night and into the rest of their lives, Jillian thought about all the things that brought them to where they were that night.

“It’s so strange to think that even after everything that happened, it still wound up this way, that we are together and that we want to be with each other. I’m glad we did it. I know at first the idea of an arranged marriage made me so angry, and all I wanted to do was leave you and never have to see you again, but our parents were wise in putting us together. You are all I could ever wish for and want.” She smiled at him and kissed him sweetly.

“Well, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that we would wind up here after that disastrous first date, for which I will be eternally sorry, my dear. But I am very grateful that you stuck with me through all the hardships, because if you hadn’t, we would never know how much happiness we have in each other, and nothing in my life has ever made me as happy as you have.” He smiled at her and kissed her back.

The months that followed found their families bonded together through their marriage and through a very mutually beneficial business collaboration. In time, Reed and Jillian learned to operate Carter’s business and they even found ways to streamline it and make it grow much stronger and faster than it had before.

After they had been married two years, they welcomed a son and a year after that, Jillian gave birth to a daughter. They built their family on love, trust, and faith in each other, and that foundation made a strong and lasting, loving family that thrived until the end of their days.

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