The Billionaire's Arranged Marriage

By: CJ Howard


There was a soft knocking noise and a muffled voice pulling at him from the deep darkness. He tried to block it out but it became louder and more persistent. The sounds were like a dragnet that tugged and pulled at him, until finally the darkness surrendered to dim light and he opened his eyes.

The hair all over his face wasn’t his. He blinked and wiped at the hair, trying to brush it from him but his arms felt like they were bolted down. He lifted his head slightly and looked around as best he could.

The hair on him was blonde and it belonged to the head of a woman who was passed out on his chest. His eyes moved slowly from her head down the length of her nude body and Reed smiled to himself. Beth, he thought, or Jamie. Something like that. The knocking sound and muffled voice persisted. He looked more closely at his surroundings. He was in a hotel room. His head was pounding fiercely and his ears had begun to ring. He realized that the voice was probably room service.

“WHAT?!” he yelled out and his head felt like it would explode. He tried to lift his right hand to hold it to his head but then he discovered that his right hand had been clenched around the neck of a glass bottle of whiskey all night and his fingers wouldn’t quite move like he wanted them to.

“Sir, it’s three in the afternoon, are you staying another night?” housekeeping yelled back through the door.

He closed his eyes to try to block the pain searing through his head. “Yeah! Yeah, I’m staying another night. Come back in an hour and restock the bar!” he hollered back.

He thought he would use his left hand to try to pry the fingers on his right hand off of the empty bottle of booze but then he realized that his left hand was holding something soft and warm and he looked down to see that it was a large breast, and the breast was attached to a redhead lying on his thighs with her face on his naked groin.

He smiled again. LeAnn, he thought, or maybe Stacy. He was pretty sure her name was Stacy. He moved to lean up on his elbows, releasing Stacy’s ample breast from his hand and using his left hand to pull the bottle from his right.

The girls stirred and woke up, looking around and then looking up at him. From the looks of it, and from what little he could remember, the three of them had had a very good time over the last few days. The blonde grinned at him and reached her face up to his to kiss him.

“Good morning, baby,” she purred, smiling at him.

“I guess it’s afternoon, honey,” he said in a soft voice, kissing her back and fondling her hips and back side. He pushed himself up off of the massive bed they were all laying on and headed carefully to the bathroom. When he stood up, everything around him swirled and his mind went into vertigo. He stumbled backward toward the bed.

The redhead sat up and grabbed his waist, helping to steady him. “You okay, Reed?”

He rested his hand on her shoulder, hoping to anchor himself in the dizziness he felt. “I’m just leaning a little bit to the left, that’s all.” He sat on the edge of the bed for a moment and noticed a half full bottle of tequila on the nightstand. He grabbed it and took a long pull, then he set the bottle down and looked at the girls, who were both running their hands over his body in soothing motions.

“Why don’t you two come help me to the shower, and then you can clean me off,” he said tiredly.

They grinned and climbed off the bed, each one ducking under his arms and the three of them headed to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later found the trio in the shower together, washing each other off and waking up a bit more.

Five minutes after that, Reed was thrusting a solid erection deeply into the redhead as she bent over in front of him, his hands clenched onto her large breasts, grunting in pleasure until just before he climaxed, when he turned away from her and the blonde swallowed his length, giving him such erotic bliss that he was only in her mouth for a few long moments before he released himself in her with a strong orgasm.

After their steamy shower, the trio headed back into their room and ordered lunch from room service. They were halfway through their meal and Bloody Marys when Reed heard a vibrating noise and found his cell phone underneath the pants he had discarded on the floor two days before.

His phone indicated that he had missed several calls and texts and noted that his voicemail was full. He looked at the list of missed calls. Forty-two in the last two days, and all of them from his father. Most of the texts were from his father, but there were a few from one of his favorite girlfriends, Daisy. She wanted to visit with him. He smiled.

He knew he’d better get in touch with his father, so he told the girls to go ahead and finish lunch, and he strolled out onto the sunny balcony patio of the penthouse suite he was in. The bright sun was murder on his receding headache, so he sat in the shade of the bar and poured himself a Scotch before calling his father.

The phone didn’t ring a second time. “Where the hell are you?” came the deep, angry voice.

Reed sighed and covered his eyes. “I’m just visiting some friends, Carter. What can I do for you?” He never called his father ‘dad’. He had called him by his name, Carter, since he was a boy. He’d heard his mother call his father by his name, so that’s what he called him.

“You can get your ass home immediately! We need to have a conversation. Why the hell haven’t you answered any of my calls? Why are you avoiding me?” Carter asked, still seething.

Reed took a long swig of his Scotch. “I’m not avoiding you. My ringer was off. I’m sorry. Listen, I’ll say goodbye to my friends and come home today, okay? Don’t get bent.”

Carter was furious. “Do not speak to me that way, Reed, you know far better than that.”

He felt his stomach clench. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I’ll be home soon.”

“See that you are!” his father yelled and then hung up.

Reed set his cell on the bar and looked around at the stunning balcony where he was lounging. There were potted trees and hedges, flowers, bushes, his own swimming pool and bar. He glanced at the glass doors that led into his suite. There were two gorgeous models in that room waiting and happy to do anything and everything he wanted to do with them. He had a full bar and room service. He moaned dejectedly at the thought of having to go back to the house, but he knew he had to do it. He rarely disobeyed his father.

Reed sighed deeply and pushed himself up off of the barstool, stretching in the warm sun as his robe hung loosely on him, and then he sauntered back into the hotel room. The girls came right to him, wrapping their arms around him and kissing him on the neck and chest.

“What are we going to do today?” the blonde asked with a wide grin. “Can we go shopping?” she brightened.

The redhead reached her hand into Reed’s robe and began to stroke his groin firmly.

“We could stay in and play some more, baby. Maybe get our party started early?”

She caught his attention and he turned to look at her wistfully. “I wish I could, honey.” He lost himself for a moment in her big blue eyes and her hand which was wrapped around his stiffening bulge. He forgot momentarily what it was that he was doing. The redhead let her robe fall open, taking Reed’s hand and sliding it between her thighs.

“Come on, baby, let’s play some more,” she purred as she looked up at him and curved her full lips in a seductive smile.

He took a deep breath and tried to shake the hormones from his head. “I have to be going, actually. I’m…” He stopped as she ran her tongue up his chest and began to focus her hand much more intently over the rock solid hardness at his crotch.

“Come on, one for the road…” she whispered. “We’ll make it fast.” She grinned at him, pulling him toward the bed.

He could not resist her. She pulled her robe off and stood before him nude and gorgeous, her hands canvassing his body and pulling him tightly to her. The woman laid down on her back and spread her legs wide open for him, and the sight of it made him ravenously hungry for her. He was inside her in moments, pushing away, filling her with himself as she gasped and sighed in pleasure.

His hands and mouth covered her breasts, moving over them as if they were his only nourishment.

She clenched her body around his erection and he groaned as his orgasm drew near. He pulled himself from her body and she sat up and wrapped her lips around him as he pushed himself far into her mouth. She reached her hands behind his muscular hips and he cried out and orgasmed.

He looked down at her and she smiled as she wiped the back of her hand over her red lips. “See, baby?” she said softly. “That was worth staying a few extra minutes, wasn’t it?”

Reed chuckled and touched her cheek. “Definitely. Thanks, honey,” he said smoothly and then slid off the bed to get dressed. He combed his hair and splashed on some cologne, kissed the blonde long and hard, squeezed the redhead, and walked out of the door saying, “You can stay one more night if you want to, but then you need to leave in the morning, girls. Thanks, it was fun.”

The door closed and Reed walked down the hall with a headache and a full glass of Scotch. He walked to the door of the hotel and looked at the manager of the valet parking. “Would you bring my car around, please?” he asked as he pushed his sunglasses further up his nose.

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