Gash (The Skulls #13)

By: Sam Crescent

“I am.”

“No. The guy I knew wouldn’t have shoved me up against the wall with his hand wrapped around my neck. Neither of us are the same, and you need to realize that it’s not going to fall back into old times.”

Gash stared into her eyes, and she forced herself to stare right back at him. It was hard for her not to look away, but she wouldn’t back down. He wasn’t the same man, and she didn’t trust him, not one bit.

“Did you and Rebecca have another friend?” he asked.

She frowned. “Huh?”

“I was wondering if you and Rebecca had another friend that visited you while I was here. I seem to recall a woman there, vaguely.”

Charlotte turned back to finish her coffee. “No one else but you, me, Rebecca, and Jeff, oh, and the guy that turned up dead, who was just a boyfriend Rebecca had made sure she’d been seen with. Nothing else.”

He touched her waist once again, leaning in close, invading her space. “Are you sure?”

“I’m more than sure, asshole.” She pushed her butt out, making him take a step back. “There was no other woman, and Rebecca was screwing all of you.” She took a seat back at the table, wrapping her fingers around the cup. “What’s your plan? Are you going to threaten me to death, or do you actually have a plan for us to find the bastard and bitch who affected our lives?”

“You know nothing.”

“What part of ‘I’ve been looking for them for some time’ didn’t you understand?” She didn’t know where her confidence was coming from. Gash terrified her, and so did their situation. She had agreed to kill the woman who had falsely accused Gash of raping her and murdering her boyfriend. Charlotte only knew half of what happened.

When she came back from her business trip, she’d been feeling off, and the only explanation had been the unprotected sex with Gash. She’d gotten a test, returned to her apartment, and had been overjoyed to learn she was pregnant. Jeff had been there, and he’d seen the test in her hands. What she hadn’t realized at the time was the fact she’d touched her stomach, and said Gash’s name. Jeff had obviously had no doubt that she was carrying Gash’s baby. In the few shorts seconds of happiness, she’d decided that, with her promotion, she’d finally get a place of her own, something that meant she didn’t have to have a roommate. Charlotte had grown tired of all of the men around Rebecca, and she didn’t want that kind of life for her baby. The moment she heard that Gash had been arrested, and a trial date was about to be set, she had been about to contact his lawyer in order to help him.

From the first moment she saw Gash, she’d been attracted to him. Every time she saw him, and got to know him, she’d fallen a little more in love with him. She was nothing like Rebecca, who’d been beautiful, slim, and completely experienced. Charlotte was not. They hadn’t even been best friends, merely acquaintances who shared an apartment. Neither of them could afford a place, so they shared. Gash didn’t know any of that. He thought they were best friends, when Charlotte hadn’t liked Rebecca, not at all. She’d put up with her, nothing else. The promotion had been her ticket out of that life, but it had all gone to shit. Jeff had seen to that. Once she discovered that Gash was going down for not just rape but murder, she’d tried to help, and had failed. Instead, her very future had been ripped out of her. Jeff had been there, and had caught her taking the test. He’d asked who it was, and she shouldn’t have told him. Gash didn’t know everything that had been taken from her, and she hoped he never did. Gash didn’t even know they had shared a night together, so he didn’t need to know what else had happened. She’d tried to help him, really she had, and she had failed them both. It already hurt her too much to handle it. She doubted he would even believe it, let alone understand what she was going through.


Whizz didn’t need to worry about Charlotte. She was fucking fire, and she was turning him on. Gash took a seat opposite her, and watched as she blew across the cup filled with coffee. His cock pressed against the front of his pants, and he stared into her eyes. She stared right back at him, and something ached in the back of his mind, like a memory trying to get out, but he couldn’t reach it.

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