Harris (Alpha One Security #1)

By: Jasinda Wilder

He slid the single remaining bandolier of bullets off me, tossed it aside, and pushed into me, eliciting a long groaning sigh of bliss from me. He leaned against me, palming my breast. He licked my nipple, kissed my throat, then my chin, then my lips.

“Yum,” I said, smiling against his lips. “I love when your beard smells like my pussy.”

“Me too,” he murmured. “Thanks for this, by the way.”

“For what?” I was being driven delirious by the teasing, fluttering thrusts he was giving me, so I wasn’t exactly my sharpest at that moment.

“Making my stupid fantasy come true.”

“It’s not—oh god, oh fuck, I’m close again already—it’s not stupid. I like the thought of you jerking off thinking about me.” I reached down between our bodies and circled my clit with two fingers, hard and fast motions with a light, deft touch, the way I come the fastest.

“You know I jerk off thinking about you when I’m away, right?”

“You do?”

“Fuck yeah.” Nick slid a single finger against the rosebud muscle of my asshole, pressed, teased, and finally slid the tip of his finger in. “Every morning, or whenever I can. Multiple times a day, some days. Those pictures I took? That’s highest quality spank bank material right there, baby.”

“Next time you’re jerking off thinking about me, take pic. Or better yet, a video. Best would be if you can FaceTime me while you’re jerking it. I’d love to watch.” I was there, on the edge, keeping myself on the edge but not letting myself fall over until Nick was there. “You ready to come, baby?”

In answer, Nick pulled out and let me slide down off the wing, spun me around, pressed a hand against my head to bend me over. I assumed the position, legs spread wide—in the words of the song, face down booty up—hands braced on the wing.

I felt Nick press against me, fitting himself to my entrance, and then he rammed in. God, I loved it when he did that, fucked in hard without warning, knowing I’d take it, knowing I’d be ready for him. He grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me back into his thrusts, which were manic, wild, primal, grunting, pounding slams of his cock as deep into me as he could get, his hips slapping against the juicy meat of my ass. And fuck, it felt good. Especially when I put my fingers to my clit and got myself really going.

“Let me feel it, Nick. Give it to me.”

He could only grunt in reply, fucking furiously. “Take it—fucking take it, Layla. Take it all.”

“Oh fuck, I’m coming Nick. Come with me.”

We both ran out of words then, both of us coming, exploding in unison, orgasming in sync. Nick shouted and I screamed and we kept up the frantic pounding pace, me pushing back into him and Nick slamming in, over and over, until he started to go limp and my thighs shook.

I collapsed against the wing, metal cold against breasts and belly, breathing hard.

And that’s when Nick’s phone rang.

He gently tugged himself free of me, reached up and into the cockpit to retrieve his jangling handset. “Harris.” He was using his curt business voice. It was Sunday, and everyone who had his direct number knew not to call him on Sundays unless it was important.

I flipped over, sat on the wing, resting on my elbows, watching my naked, beautiful fox of a man.

“Went missing, or was taken?” Nick asked, pausing to listen, and then he spoke again. “Have they contacted the police? No? Good. Tell them to leave everything as is, I’ll send Puck over with his kit ASAP. Yes, we’ll take the case. No, I’ll handle this one directly. Lonigan is too high profile to hand this one off to a B team. Usual fees apply, and since it might come to a retrieval situation, make sure they know about the hazard rates. Get the paperwork started and send everything you have to Layla. All right, bye.” He ended the call, letting out an unhappy sigh.

“What’s going on, babe?”

He spun the phone between thumb and middle finger. “Jon Lonigan and Callie MacPhereson’s daughter was kidnapped. He’s tapped Alpha One to bring her back.”

I grabbed a tablet from the nearby workbench and called up the basics on those two while Nick made a few calls.

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