Harris (Alpha One Security #1)

By: Jasinda Wilder

He nodded. “Yeah, babe. I’m real close.”

“Now what?”

He hesitated, which told me what he wanted next he wasn’t sure about, because Nick never hesitated. “Out with it, hon. What is it you want now?”

“It’s just a stupid fantasy I jerked off to.”

“You want to come on me, don’t you?” I stroked him while I spoke, keeping him going, keeping him right on the edge. “Where do you want to come? On my face? Or my tits? You want me to kneel in front of you with my mouth open like a porn star, waiting for the cum-shot?”

“Layla—” He growled my name, his abs tensing.

He was close, so close. I mouthed the tip, swirled my tongue around him, taking him deep, bobbing hard, pulling at his ass to get him to move. And move he did, fucking my throat. I let him fuck for the space of a dozen thrusts, and then I felt him falter, felt him tense again, pulling back.

“Give it to me, baby,” I said, staring up at him.

I sank down low, kept my eyes on him, put my mouth in front of his cock and stroked him hard and fast with both hands, switched to a hand-over-hand stroke until he was pumping into my fists, then I cupped his balls in one hand, middle finger against his taint, the other hand stroking him from root to tip, hard and slow sweeps of my fist down his length.

We’d done a lot of stuff, but he’d never come on me before, mainly because I didn’t know he wanted to. He’d never mentioned it. And actually, no one ever has.

“Fuck, Layla. I’m coming—Jesus fuck, I’m coming,” he grunted.

“Give it to me, Nick. Come all over me. Let me feel you all over my face.” I gazed up at him, stroking him fast now, pumping him to climax.

He tilted his head back, closed his eyes and groaned long and loud, and then, in the moment of his orgasm, he returned his eyes to mine, watching as he exploded. A thick stream of come shot out of his cock and splashed into my mouth, tasting thick and salty and smoky, splattered onto my upper lip and chin. I kept stroking, lifted up and squeezed my tits together with my arm, took another load of his sticky, warm, white seed all over the slope of my tits.

Nick was cursing up a storm, grunting, thrusting into my pumping hand, watching himself come on me.

“You like this, baby?” I asked. “You like coming on my face?”

“Fuck yeah. So hot.”

“Good. Because I’ve never let anyone else do that before. You’re the first, and the only.”

“First for me too.” He said, reaching down and pulling me up.

There was a rag hanging off the end of a propeller blade, which Nick snagged and used to wipe my face clean. And then, with a hungry, feral grin he wrapped his strong hands around my hips and lifted me effortlessly onto the wing of the plane. I knew what would come next, and I was eager for it. I hooked my heels over his shoulders as he knelt in front of me. He turned his cap brim around to face backward, and then tugged me down the wing so I was all but sitting on his face. I braced my hands on his shoulders, lay back against the wing, let my knees fall open, and gave myself over to his talented tongue.

And god, that tongue of his lashed me to a frenzy. He didn’t use his fingers at all, this time. Only his tongue. Spearing into me, flicking and flitting with the stiffened tip, licking and suckling the hard, aching, throbbing, tingling bud of my clit.

I reached down, stole his cap from him and stuffed it onto my head over my thick mass of black curls, pulled the brim low, leaned on my elbows so I could watch him eat me. I buried the fingers of one hand into his dark brown hair. Felt my O brimming, felt it boiling. I tucked my feet up on his shoulders and spread my knees wide, rode his face, using my palm against the back of his head to jerk him harder against my slit, gyrating madly against his lapping tongue until I lost it completely, screaming like a banshee as he licked, nipped, and flitted me to climax and beyond.

And my man, my Nick, he ate me out so good for so long that he was hard and ready for me by the time I was done. And god, was I ready.

Holy fuck, was I ready; I’m never so horny and ready to fuck hard and long as when I’m fresh on the heels of a ripping orgasm.

Nick stood up, gliding his palms up the back of my thighs to hold me in place, slid his erection against my slit, grinding teasing slides of his cock against my clit. I let him tease me, and then when I was done being teased, I reached between us and grabbed a handful of dick, nestled the broad, soft, plump head against my opening, and fluttered my hips, teasing him back.

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