Harris (Alpha One Security #1)

By: Jasinda Wilder

Besides, this was fun, drawing it out.

I removed a layer of bandoliers, and struck a different pose. Another layer, another pose. Yet another layer, and now there was only one bandolier, which I hung around my neck. It covered nothing, so I was completely bare for his perusal. And peruse he did, both with his eyes and his cell phone camera.

Finally, I knew he’d taken enough photographs because he tossed the phone into the open cockpit.

“What else did your fantasy involve, Nick?” I asked in my best sultry voice.

He took the gun from my hands—yes, I know it’s a rifle rather than gun, but I’m a girl, and guns are guns—and set it aside, leaning it butt-down against the side of the airplane.

“Well, in the original fantasy, you kept all the bandoliers on and sucked me off wearing them. And then I returned the favor, and then we fucked. Although usually I didn’t get as far as us fucking before I blew my load.” He gestured at me. “But I think I like this version better.”

“I can put them back on,” I said, reaching for the pile on the floor at my feet.

He grabbed me by the wrist, stopping me. “No, like I said, I like this better. I can see more of you.”

I sank to my knees. “In that case, let’s make the rest of the fantasy a reality.”

Staring up at him, I unbuttoned the fly of his jeans. Unzipped him slowly. Tight black CK briefs, huge bulge behind the stretchy, slinky material. I tugged the elastic waistband down to bare his cock, which sprung free in front of my face. One hand went to that lovely organ of his, stroking slowly, gently, and the other untied his combat boots, sliding them off his feet one by one, leaving his socks on because sex in socks is funny. I mean, think about it: a dude, no matter how hot, is just inherently funnier if he’s wearing nothing but a pair of socks. Bonus-funny if they’re white, and knee high, like Nick’s were. He stepped out of his jeans, and then his underwear, and then thank god, Nick was naked for me.

“Tell me,” I said, teasing the tip of his cock with my lips, “how exactly did I suck your cock? Slowly? Quickly? Did I swallow? Or did I take it on my tits?”

“Fuck—” Nick swallowed hard, took a deep breath and sighed it out. “You’re killing me, Layla.”

I took him into my mouth, just a little bit. A short, light suckle, and then backed off. Kept my eyes on his. “Well? You’re gonna have to talk me through this, Nick-baby. Tell me what to do.”

He buried his fingers in my hair, pulled me toward his body. “Take it into your mouth. Take it deep and slow.”

I stroked the hard globe of his ass with my hands and plunged my mouth down on his erection. He groaned as I took him deep. Deeper. I opened my throat and took him all the way, until my nose nudged his belly. He was fucking enormous, both long and thick, so there was a lot of cock to swallow. My eyes watered, and by the time I backed away, I was breathing hard through my nose. But Nick? His chest was rising and falling hard, his fists bunched in my hair.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Just like that. Do it again. But this time do that swallowing thing with your throat.”

So I deep-throated him again, this time swallowing so my throat muscles rippled around his cock. I didn’t wait for instructions, now, instead backed away, letting him fall out of my mouth, a string of saliva connecting his beautiful cock to my lips. I glanced up at him, took him again, and this time gave him three long, slow, deep strokes of my mouth and throat.

“How’s that?” I asked, wrapping my hand around the head of his dick and squeezing, then caressing his length.

“God, so good.”

“Now what?”

“Now you massage my balls. Touch my taint. Go down on me until I make you stop.”

And that is exactly what I did. Cupped his heavy sack in my hand and massaged it with gentle fingers, using my other hand to press a finger against his taint, taking him into my mouth and blowing him with all the skill I possessed. I bobbed down slowly at first, and then faster, faster, and then slowly again. I pulled back, licked it from top to bottom, took him into my mouth again, stroked the base and bobbed and sucked around the head.

When he started to grunt and shift his hips, I stopped. “You’re getting close, aren’t you?”

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