The Billionaires Mistress

By: Marie Kelly

Chapter One

Jenna had carefully moved through the loud room packed with New York’s young and trendies, stopping to protect the small tray of drinks she held from the many dancers who would step backwards into her path. With a warm smile she had managed to swerve around them accepting with a laugh the many apologies and admiring whistles, moving ever forward through the writhing throng of bodies. Reaching her customers, she had grinned as they had tipped her handsomely for her efforts, making her way back to the bar quickly finding herself pulled aside for another drink order from a loud group of men, all of whom had eyed her appreciatively, some making suggestive comments to her which she had laughed off with good humour.

Once more returning to the long solid bar, she had placed her tray onto the smooth surface, the bar keeper taking it. He had given her a sympathetic look as she had rolled her eyes at him as yet another man had tried to move in front of her his intentions so clear, Jenna sidestepping him with an ease that had come from practice.

“It’s your own fault for being so hot”.

The barkeeper and owner, Mark had thrown at her, his voice full of humour as she had stuck her tongue out at him, seeing as he had smiled back quickly and efficiently filling her tray with the drinks she needed.

As she had waited she had caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, quickly pushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear, scolding herself for being so vain her lips curling softly. At 22 Jenna Long was stunning, with long black hair pulled up at the sides in a clasp, the length swishing around her perfect body. Her large blue eyes and full lips had men falling over themselves to meet her, however she was no bimbo, smart and more street wise than most women of her age. Having completed a four year degree in media management and marketing, she had lived frugally for that time so she was able at the end to purchase a round the world ticket to allow her take a year off before looking for employment.

With a caring and kindly nature, Jenna had in her young life made many friends from all around the world, and being so organised had planned her trip with many of those same friends offering her a place to stay for her duration. Already three months into the trip, she had travelled through most of Europe, picking up the occasional bar or waitress job as she went to help top up her meagre savings, and had started the USA leg of her trip in New York, where the chance to work for her friend Mark’s new high end bar had been too lucrative for her to turn down.

With her tray now filled, she had winked at Mark, putting her tips into the pooled jar, knowing that at the end of the night they would be divided between all of the bar staff to ensure that everybody had an equal share of the money.

Taking a deep breath, she had once more dived back into the throng of bodies, most scantily dressed, to the table whose order she held. Once more laughing off the many offers, she had made her way back to the bar area, standard procedure for the waitresses. With a sigh and forcing a bright smile on her face, she had found her way blocked by a large man, who had moved with her as she had tried to swerve around him. Stopping to look up at the man she had been surprised. His expression was not lecherous or even particularly interested in her, but more determined. As she had again made to slip past him, he had once more moved in front her, surprising Jenna with his ability to move so fast.

“Miss”, he had finally said, his tone like his expression business like, causing Jenna to stop in surprise and look up at the man.

“My employer would like to talk with you”.

With that he had pointed to a corner of the room, where she had been partially aware of a large entourage that had just arrived. She had seen the way the crowd around them had seemed to be excitedly trying to move to get a better look at the man in the centre, not really visible amongst the many bodyguards.

Looking back at the man, who she now instinctively knew to be yet another bodyguard; Jenna had shaken her head with determination.

“That is not my station.......your hostess will be over soon I’m sure”, trying to move away, hoping that this would placate him. However, the man had once more stepped in front of her.

“I said he wanted to talk to you......not order drinks”.

With a small frown of annoyance Jenna had once again looked up at the man, his imposing figure not having any effect on her.

“Explain to your employer that I am working ............... and not interested”.

She had stated firmly, as the man, completely ignoring her words, had quickly spun her around and with his large meaty hands firmly on her shoulder pushed her forward towards the ensemble, Jenna having little time to even cry out.

Reaching the group, she had felt him shove her none too gently into the centre, where she had glared back at him before turning ready to strenuously voice her feelings to whoever had ordered her there. However, the words had fallen from her lips on seeing Tom Trudeau stood before her. Tom was the hottest new singer in the charts, and she could not help but stare at him for a second, thinking how much more attractive he was in person than in the many videos of him she had seen. His thick black hair was perfectly styled with part of his fringe falling over his large brown eyes, a ready smile lighting his boyish good looks, his ready charm directed at her as alarm bells had rang loudly within her. Men like Trudeau were only interested in one thing and Jenna was no mans one night stand...not even his, her eyes growing colder as she had also remembered how she had arrived at his table.

As she had arrived Tom Trudeau had turned to look at Jen, his eyes slowly looking down her, his face showing his approval as she had stood still silently watching him the anger rising within her.

“Seen enough?”

She had finally managed her voice cold and flat, as he had looked surprised and more than a little taken back.

“I’m sorry, but you are worth looking at”, his smile growing wider.

Jenna had clenched her fists, her eyes daggers of accusation.

“I am working ............and I really do not appreciate your trained goon forcing me over here”.

Tom had laughed, his eyes quickly flitting to the bodyguard who had remained emotionless a few feet from him. Moving closer he had leant in to whisper into her ear.

“I’m sorry must forgive Bruno........he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer...I guess when I sent him over to extend an invitation for you to join us........he took his job a little far”.

Moving slightly back from him Jenna had nodded her expression schoolmarmish.

“Well perhaps you need to be more specific”.

She had bit out as he had laughed loudly his eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I like’ve got fire”

He had chuckled.

“Come on. I’m sure that you can take a break”.

He had gestured to a small couch for her to seat herself.

About to shake her head to make her intentions not to be part of his groupies clear, Jenna had paused as a small movement above had caught her eye. Looking up she had seen as the large light over him had started to snap.

With a gasp, she had moved quickly, nobody else having a chance to react. She had pushed him clear of the falling light, the two of them crashing to the ground as Jenna had landing on top of the singer shielding him with her body as the light had shattered into a thousand pieces as it had hit the floor.

To Jenna everything had seemed to happen in slow motion, and it was only the loud clanging and shattering of the glass that had finally returned time to its normal speed. For a split second there was silence, before the place had erupted into screams as people had ran in all directions, the body guards moving towards where they had fallen.

Looking down, Tom had lain staring up at her with disbelief in his eyes along with confusion and shock. Jenna had rolled from him, seeing as he had shifted his gaze over to where the light had landed, a look of fear entering his brown eyes before looking back at her once more.

“You saved my life”.

He had muttered in surprise and wonder as two burly men had pulled him to his feet.

“It was nothing”.

She had managed, as the same man who had forced her over to the table had scooped her up into his arms, before gently placing her back down onto her feet.

As her foot had taken her weight the room had spun and a nauseating blackness had threatened to engulf her as she had pitched forward, caught by the same man who had once more scooped her up like a small child, carrying her over to the couch that she had been invited to sit at earlier.

As her vision had once more cleared, she had seen as Tom Trudeau had leant over her, an expression of concern all over his handsome face.

“You’re hurt”.

Had been the only thing he could say, as Jenna had tried to wave his words away, looking at her ankle which was already starting to blow up as it throbbed painfully.

“I’m sure it’s nothing”.

She had managed, “Just a sprain”.

He however, was not to be fobbed off, as he had turned barking orders at his entourage. Before she could argue, she once more had felt herself being lifted into the arms of the same body guard, sighing with annoyance at the way she was being hauled around like a rag doll.

As they had moved out of the club, a large limousine had been waiting at the front door to meet them and despite her many protestations she found herself being gently laid in the large interior, where Tom Trudeau had quickly joined her, as she had looked warily at him.

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