Her Russian Billionaires #3 NIKO

By: Susan Westwood

And now his son, whom she’d never met, would take over the company. At least he couldn’t fire her outright. Yuri had already given her a letter of recommendation in case she needed it. He wouldn’t let her down. She knew it.

This son was an unknown quantity.

She pondered this as she drove her car back to the apartment in Hoboken with her grandmother. When she entered the apartment, she could smell bacon.

Wanda, the day home health aide, was cooking breakfast. “Is Gram up yet?”

“No, I’m about to go wake her.”

“Give me ten minutes to get a shower.”

Wanda just smiled. A young girl from Trinidad, she didn’t judge. Just laughed at whatever happened. Destiny was in and out of the shower before her grandmother came down for breakfast.

She was dressed for work and butterflies populated her stomach. Today was the day.

“You look more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers,” Gram said.

“My boss told me he’s leaving the company to his son. Yuri is sick and he wants to retire. I’m meeting the son today. I’m nervous,” Destiny said as she sipped her coffee.

“You should still eat.”

Of course Gram would push food. It was her answer for everything. Boy broke your heart? Eat pie. Lost your job? Have a casserole. It was amazing that Destiny wasn’t the size of a house.

“I’ll be okay, Gram, really.”

“No man is going to kill my appetite,” Gram said.

No man was going to mess with her grandmother either. The family rumor was that Gram’s husband had pissed her off so she put something in his food. He died two days later. Her Gram never spoke about him ever. Everyone knew not to ask her.

“I need to get to work. I have to get there early to make sure everything is in order.”

“You probably did that before you left, Destiny. Stop worrying. What’s supposed to happen will happen.”

She kissed her grandmother’s cheek, feeling how thin her skin was, then left for work. She parked her car in the spot she’d earned. Not the front row, but the row behind it. All of the executives had a spot. Their assistants had the row behind them. The rest of the company could jockey for the rest of the spots.

She gathered her purse, then strode into the building. Alman Enterprises took up the whole building in a town in New Jersey with a view of Manhattan. Destiny was glad not to work in the big city. She preferred New Jersey where she grew up.

The building was abuzz with a different energy. Had Yuri’s son made an appearance already? She swallowed hard, squared her shoulders and pushed the button for the elevator. Yuri’s office was on the top floor of the four-story building.

Whatever is going to happen, is going happen. She was safe either way even if she didn’t want to look for a new job. She wouldn’t be homeless. She wouldn’t be jobless for long. She had to believe that.

She settled at her desk, knowing Yuri wasn’t in yet, but would be soon. She straightened everything she could straighten then pulled out the report that she’d give to Yuri’s son when he arrive. It outlined the whole company.

She’d done it herself.

Now, to wait for Yuri and his son.


Nik woke up alone and for once he was disappointed. He might have wanted to get to know Destiny better. He would have made breakfast and small talk. Learned her last name. Now he had no way of contacting her.

Maybe that was for the best. This was a nutty time in his life and he had no room for love. Or even a friend with benefits situation. The sex had been great, but that could have been because he needed it so badly.

He showered, then dressed in a suit. One he hadn’t worn in years. This wasn’t a suit for the FBI. This was a suit his father had insisted he had. Nik contemplated shaving, but then chose not to. Might piss off his father, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear anything the man had to say. He knew this had something to do with the old man retiring. Nik wasn’t sure he was the person for the job of CEO, but his father would insist.

It was his legacy, his inheritance, he’d say. How could he tell his father he didn’t want his inheritance? That Nik’s life was out in the field.

Except for the fact that Nik had taken a leave of absence, he knew he’d get back to his job busting the bad guys.

He would. He just had to wipe the image of Mark’s death out of his brain first. That might take some time. A few beers and, if he could figure out how to find her, a few more nights with Destiny.

He knew her license plate number and what type of car she drove. He could get her address and lots of information about her. As he left his cottage, he knew he’d do that tonight. He wasn’t ready to let go of Destiny.

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