Her Russian Billionaires #3 NIKO

By: Susan Westwood

She put her hand on it, holding it with confidence. He wondered how many of those she had held, but then he stopped thinking all together as she stroked slowly up and down. “Oh, Destiny.”

She smiled as if she knew that she had all the power in the world right now. She could walk out of here or she could let him do nasty things to her. No safe word necessary.

He truly hoped that she wouldn’t walk out.

She let him go, then slid her panties down her legs. He gasped. She was completely naked. For him. A small smile played across her lips.

He sat on the bed, pulled her onto him so she was straddling his lap. He kissed her as his thumb found that spot that would drive her wild. He’d never met a woman that wasn’t putty in his hands when he rubbed her clit. They went wild when he licked, but he wasn’t ready for that.

Her head fell back, her body arched up so her tits were right at his mouth. Don’t mind if I do. He tasted them again. Her body stiffened. She was close so he put one finger inside of her, stroking inside and out. Her fingers curled into his shoulders, then a keening sound came out of her.

He was glad he had no neighbors. She might have woken them up. Her vagina clenched around his finger as her body convulsed. She stopped breathing for a moment then resumed in large gulps.

He’d done well. He knew that. He waited for the aftershocks to finish before he flipped her over onto the bed. She didn’t move except to center herself on the bed.

She watched him as he dug for a condom in the nightstand. He came up with a glow in the dark one.

Her giggled distracted him. “Glow in the dark?”


“Now you see it. Now you don’t.”

He laughed at the visual. He liked the laugh during sex. It could be very funny or very serious. He was glad she could see the humor. She reached out before he could put on the condom.

“Allow me.”

She sat up, using two hands, and rolled it onto him. Her fingers were doing magic. He almost came right then. That would have been embarrassing.

Instead, he was able to slide into her and stop for a moment. She was warm and wet and he could camp here if he didn’t have obligations. But he did, so he pulled out then pushed back in, her body arching to meet his every stroke.

Her breathing became ragged, her fingers dug into his back. She made that keening sound again. Then her body clenched around his, milking him of his orgasm as she clearly went over the edge.

He gritted his teeth as he groaned, thrusting a few more times until he was empty.


Destiny woke and knew it was early morning. Light was just coming in the window, but her bedroom didn’t face that way. It faced a brick wall. Wait. This wasn’t Hoboken. There were no sounds of traffic or ambulances.

This place was quieter than that.

That’s when it all came back to her. She moved her head to look at her bed partner. He was snoring, sleeping on his back. The covers were mostly off of him. She could see his impressive chest. He definitely worked out.

As much as she’d love to lie here and admire him, she needed to get home to shower before work. At least her car was here. She slid carefully out from under the covers. Thankfully she found all of her clothing so she dressed in the hallway, hoping no one else was here.

Minutes later she was starting her car, then driving away from the cottage that had been the site of her first one night stand. She wasn’t sure if she’d do that again, but he’d been a good and patient lover.

She’d lost track of how many orgasms she’d had. That sex might hold her over for a year or more. She hadn’t even been looking for someone when she entered the bar. No, she’d wanted a quiet drink to digest all that Yuri had told her yesterday.

He was dying. He was giving the company to his son. She was supposed to make that transition smooth. If the son didn’t want her as an assistant, she would get a generous severance. Enough that she could take her time looking for a new job.

The thing was, she didn’t want to work for anyone else. Yuri had seen her the day she interviewed. She was fresh out of Penn State and nervous. He’d walked through the lobby, stopping to say hello.

She’d chatted with him, not knowing who he was. He went on his way, the Human Resources person interviewed her, then offered her the job on the spot. Not the one she’d applied for, but as assistant to the CEO. The salary had been more than she’d ever expected to make and would go a long way to pay for her grandmother’s medication.

She jumped at the chance, then spent the next day worried that she wouldn’t do a good job. Yuri had been a boss and mentor. He’d showed her amazing patience and now she didn’t want to work for anyone else. What were the chances that she would find another boss like him? Nil.

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