Her Russian Billionaires #3 NIKO

By: Susan Westwood

She only nodded, not giving him anything.

He laughed. “Okay. Contest over. You won. You free for dinner?”

She blinked. “Dinner?”

“You know, that meal that you eat in the evening after work. Are you free or do you have plans?”

“Am I obligated to go to dinner with you?”

“No, your job is not dependent on it. I just wanted to take you to dinner. Casual.”

“Casual? Shall we address the elephant in the room then? We’ve seen each other naked. We’ve done wonderfully nasty things to each other. I don’t see us dating or joining a book club together.”

He laughed again. “Okay. You certainly put me in my place, but I still want to take you to dinner. We’re going to be working closely together over the next several weeks so we might as well get to know each other.”

“I’ve worked for your father for five years and we’ve never gone out to dinner. I’ve been successful as his assistant without getting to know him.”

“You are one tough cookie, Destiny. I don’t have anyone to have dinner with tonight so please cut a man a break and go to dinner with him.”

She stood, a small smile on her face. “I’m sure a guy that looks like you can find someone to take to dinner. I need to go home. I have family obligations.”

She strode out of his office, or Yuri’s office, grabbed her things then left. She didn’t look back and she should probably update her resume. She never would have talked to Yuri that way, but he never would have asked her to dinner.

It was repulsion. No, Nikolai was hot, but she was embarrassed about her behavior. She had the man’s penis in her mouth last night. The first penis in there ever.

She rubbed her face as she went down in the elevator. How was she ever going to work for him if all she ever pictured when they spoke was him naked?


Nikolai stood in the parking lot, taking in one of the last warm days of fall. The weather was already cool at night and soon that coolness would creep into the days. He’d needed a breath of fresh air so he was outside. People murmured at him as he passed, but there had been no formal announcement of his taking over.

Most of the company probably knew it via the rumor mill, but he decided he’d have to say something. At least an e-mail so no one got antsy and worried about their jobs. He didn’t need a mass exodus of the most talented people. The untalented could be shown the door eventually. His changes might shake them out anyway. Change always did.

He watched a car pull into the parking lot. The driver parked it in the row for Administrative Assistants. The car wasn’t as expensive as he could afford, but the price tag was startling. A Cadillac. Who in the administrative assistant pool could afford that? Maybe someone’s husband bought it for them.

He continued to eye it, waiting to see who it was. He was curious now. He settled on a bench on the sidewalk leading to the building. He had a few minutes. He’d need lunch soon, but then there was a meeting. He felt as if he’d met with everyone personally.

He also must go through all of the job reports that were on his desk. Part of him wanted to have Destiny help, but she’d taken the morning off. An appointment of some kind. He hadn’t paid much attention. All he needed to know was that she wasn’t going to be here.

He should have had her bring him lunch. Then he’d have it on the way. Instead, he’d have to make a decision, which wasn’t hard, but he didn’t know what was good and not good in the neighborhood.

Italian was always excellent. This was New Jersey, of course. That decided, he’d have Destiny call in his order when she arrived. He could eat whenever.

It still smarted that she’d turned down his dinner invite. He also wished she’d told him if the rumors about her affair with his father were true. He couldn’t really ask his father. “The company is fine, Dad, and by the way, have you been doing your assistant?”

He didn’t see that as dinner conversation. Nor did he know the next time he’d have dinner with his father. Yuri was pressuring him to move home, but Nikolai couldn’t see that working. He lived alone. And if he wanted to bring a woman back to his place, he wanted that freedom.

Just like he’d brought Destiny back. The memories of that night made his mouth water and his dick twitch. If his father was having an affair, he was a lucky man. The woman knew her way around a man’s body.

If he had a chance to have her again, he would.

Finally, the person driving the Cadillac climbed out. To Nikolai’s surprise, it was Destiny. That wasn't the car she’d driven the other day. This one was brand new. Had she just picked it up? Was that her appointment this morning?

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