Her Russian Billionaires #2 SACHA

By: Susan Westwood

“You really want kids?”


She put her spoon down, leaning her head against the wall. “I didn’t even know that you loved me, Sacha. Not until you said it at the safe house.”

“So you did hear me.”

“I did. It kept me alive. It gave me a reason to fight Lopez.”

“Good. Now, how many kids?”

Kendra laughed. A sweet noise in his ears. “Can I just get used to the idea that you love me and that you want kids? I need a few days.”

“Didn’t you ever think about having them?”

“I never thought about getting married,” Kendra said.

“Oh. I didn’t either, but I’ve had time to think about it, I guess.”

She punched him. “Then give me time to think.”

“Okay. But I’m not waiting too long to ask you to marry me. I’m in a hurry.”


“Because I’m not going to let you change your mind once you say yes. You’ll have to meet my mother.”


She smiled at him and his heart leaped.

“I think I need to make love to you again. One more time while I have you all to myself. Life will get crazy with two young kids in the house.”

“I think I’d like that. Take me now, big boy.”

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