Her Russian Billionaires #2 SACHA

By: Susan Westwood

“I don’t want her in a nursing home.”

“This would be specifically for Alzheimer’s patients, much better than your average nursing home.”

“Yeah and who is footing the bill?”

“I am Kendra. I’m a single man who makes boatloads of money. I have a boatload of money. I can afford it.”

She swallowed. “I also have a five-year-old brother.”

“I have plenty of room in my penthouse.”

“I can’t imagine that it’s equipped for a five-year-old.”

“I can get it equipped. You tell me what I need.”

“Someone needs to get him to school and I’ll need to go to work.”

“We can work out the details, but I’m sure that we can figure all of this out. Finish your drink.”

“I have to send a text. I was supposed to meet a friend tonight.”

“Don’t tell your friend where you’re going,” Sacha said.

She eyed him. This was Tembi. She’d ask questions, but after mulling it over, Kendra nodded. She sent the text to Tembi. In that moment, Kendra knew her life was going to be different. Having to rely on Sacha was going to chafe, but she had to for her family’s sake. Cliff was only five.

Sacha pulled out his phone. He pushed one button. “I need the car.” He gave the name and address for the bar then hung up.

“You ready?”

“You have a car waiting?”

“Yes, Kendra, I have a car waiting.” He then dialed his phone again. He spoke into it. “I also have an ambulance picking up your mother. I need your address. Does she have a nurse?”

“Yes.” Kendra gave him her address. This was all surreal. Had she really seen what she’d seen? Now her life was upside down. She had work to do and a race to plan. This was all nuts.

“Then we’ll have that nurse go with your mother and I’ll get her a ride home.”

She wanted to keep her mother with her, but she couldn’t ask Sacha to put up with her. Her mother was not coherent often and if she was, she didn’t have any idea where she was or who she was. She had stopped recognizing Kendra ages ago. Broke her heart, but she hadn’t wanted to institutionalize her mother.

“Where is this place?”

“Outside of the city. I understand it is the top place for Alzheimer’s patients on the East Coast. If it isn’t right for her, we’ll move her.”

“Why are you going to all this trouble? You only just met me a week ago. I blocked the demolition of your building.”

“You were doing your job, Kendra. As you’ll see from my report, your injunction was merely a bump in the road. The reason I’m helping is because that’s how my mother raised me. As a Russian, I cannot let a woman be in trouble without helping her. It goes against my code.”

She finished her vodka. It had done well by calming her down. She was hungry, but that could wait. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

Her heart fluttered in her chest. Her life was not completely in her control right now and she didn’t like it one bit. If she’d stayed outside, instead of trying to get out of the heat, she wouldn’t have seen Lopez make his drug deal. She could have done without that information. She’d worked on his campaign as a volunteer. She didn’t think he’d remember her, but now she was sorry he’d been elected.

Water under the bridge for sure. She braced herself for the outside heat. A large limousine with darkened windows awaited them. Sacha opened the door for her. “Your chariot.”

“Feels more like a paddy wagon,” then she realized how ungrateful that sounded.

Sacha laughed. “I promise this won’t be as bad all that. Where do we need to go?”

“I need some clothes.”

He waved a hand as he sat next to her. “You can’t go home. They might follow you or us. You can’t risk it. Where is your brother?”

“At a friend’s house.”

“Have that friend meet us somewhere.”

“What are we supposed to do for clothing? Toiletries.”

“I’ll get you new clothes.”

With each passing minute she was becoming more and more beholden to Sacha. This would not do. This was not going to be easy.


Sacha could feel the tension rolling off of Kendra. What happened to her for this mistrust to be so strong? He wished he could punch every one of those men who had let her down. He wasn’t that way at all and he’d have to work twice as hard to gain her trust. And he wanted to gain her trust. He wanted to see himself in her eyes, even if they only ended up as friends after this.

Still. He wouldn’t mind her in his bed. He’d bet when she did trust, she did it with all of her heart. When she let loose, it would be a storm. He liked storms. He’d never liked doing things the easy way.

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