Her Russian Billionaires #2 SACHA

By: Susan Westwood

“I think I need something stronger.”

“There’s a bar next to the coffee shop. I’ll buy you a drink.”


She spun in the direction he’d pointed then looked back at him. “I don’t want you behind me.”

“I’ll walk next to you and not touch you. I promise.”

He wasn’t sure his libido could handle her touch again anyway. She eyed him as they walked. She almost stumbled. He held the door for her when they arrived at the bar.

The place was quiet for happy hour, but Sacha figured this might be for the neighborhood people and they might not be out until after dinner. Either way they didn’t have to fight for a table. Only three people were inside. He directed her to a booth so they could talk in private. She was clearly still shaken up. She’d jumped when he put a hand on her lower back. What had she seen that had her this upset?

She sat, but faced the door. He didn’t care which side of the booth he had. He just wanted her to tell him what she saw. This was his building they were talking about.

The waitress came.

“We’ll take two vodkas on the rocks,” he said.

“Vodka. Of course,” Kendra said after the waitress left.

“I drink other stuff, but I think it might calm your nerves quicker. Now tell me what you saw?”

She took a large sip of her drink. He watched as she wiped her mouth with the cocktail napkin. “I heard voices. Then I was able to get close enough to listen. Councilman Carmen Lopez was telling another man that he wasn’t reaching his drug quota. Then he asked the man for the drugs he owed him and they exchanged a bag of white powder.”

“This was in my building?”

“Yes, Lopez said he had a key.”

“First I’m going to get the locks changed. I don’t want that stuff going on in my building. Then we need to get you in to talk to a cop.”

“You know a cop? Because they love Lopez. No one is going to think he did anything wrong. It will be my word against his.”

“Did they see you?”

“Not that I know of, but I can’t be sure. They might have been looking out when I ran into you. They could know me by now.”

Sacha had no choice. It was the code he’d been raised with. If a woman was in trouble he had to help her. Kendra was certainly a woman who needed help. She was in deep trouble. If Lopez figured out who she was, Kendra would have a price on her head. He couldn’t leave her. He had to take her in. Just like Viktor had taken in Alia when she’d seen a murder, Kendra was now his responsibility. And everyone she was connected with.

“Then you need to come home with me,” Sacha said. His current building had great security -- the benefits of living on the top floor. No one could come up to his floor without his permission.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Kendra was no longer ashen. The brown of her eyes was sharper, in fact those green flecks stood out against the brown.

“Kendra, you’re in danger. I can’t let you go home.”

“I have people who I have to take care of. People who need me.”

“A husband?”

She seemed to be hesitating in telling him.

“Kendra if I don’t know the whole story I can’t protect you,” he said.


Kendra licked her lips. She didn’t know what she could tell him. She wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t part of this. “How do I know I can trust you?” She’d always kept her private life private. She never brought her troubles into her office. He looked at her with his gorgeous eyes and slight stubble on his face.

He looked rugged and capable of anything. That made her nervous. “You don’t, but do you want to chance going home and having them track you down?”

She pressed her lips together. If she really was in danger, and she suspected she was, then she had no choice. She had to trust Sacha. Not something she liked to do. “I don’t like depending on a man.”

He let out a sigh. He’d clearly dealt with women like her before this. “I see.”

“No, I don’t think you do. Every man in my life has failed me.”

He reached out his hand and covered hers. “I’m sorry, Kendra. I’m sorry that every man has done that to you. I’m not that man.”

She looked own at his white hand on her dark hand and wondered if it could be that easy. That he really could be the first man she could depend on. It mattered to her and it mattered to her mother and her brother.

“I have a mother who has Alzheimer’s. She needs either me or someone to take care of her.”

“We can find a top-notch facility for her.”

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