Her Russian Billionaires #1 VIKTOR

By: Susan Westwood

She frowned. “True. If I’d gotten out of work earlier or later I wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

“Then I wouldn’t have met you and I’m beginning to enjoy your company,” Viktor said.

She pushed off the couch and headed to the shower.

Viktor had a date that night so when Alia left for work with Arkady, he readied himself. This would be an early date for him. The woman was in town only for a short time.

So, he’d worked the date around her schedule. He’d be back in time for the nightclub crowd to be in full swing. His associates could take care of things then.

Initially he’d been looking forward to seeing Carina, but now he wasn’t so sure it was a waste of time. He wasn’t going to bring her back here or go to her place. Sex was off the table for tonight. He wasn’t in the mood, which was rare.

He had a mocha-skinned beauty on his mind. He shouldn’t. She was too young for him and she was too skittish. She didn’t have any interest in him, he was sure, but he’d taken care of her anyway. Good karma.

He arrived at Carina’s hotel on time. She was waiting in the lobby. When she climbed into the car, she smiled her devilish smile.

“Privacy screen?”

“Not tonight, Carina. I just want a lovely meal with you.”

She pouted. “Something wrong?”


She eyed him as the car began to move. “You have fallen in love?”

“No, Carina, I’m just pressed for time and don’t want to muss my suit.”

She shook her head. “No, love, you have found someone. I don’t mind, Viktor. I’m happy for you.”

He smiled. She was a good woman, just not his woman. “You are very understanding.”

“You want to go to eat?”

“Yes, I do, but I’ll bring you back here, afterward,” Viktor said.

She nodded, but didn’t seem put out by his lack of passion for her. The meal went quickly. Viktor dropped her back to her hotel then checked in on his club. The crowd was good tonight. Dancing and drinking.

He checked his watch. Alia would be getting out of work soon so he walked to her bar.

He waited in the alley, but saw no one suspicious. She walked out of the bar and her mouth dropped open. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I wanted to walk you home.”

“Don’t you have an empire to run?”

He laughed. “It can wait for half an hour.”


She fell into step beside him. “How did your date go?”

He shrugged. “Okay.”

“Shouldn’t you still be with her? It’s only midnight.”

Viktor chuckled. “She was really an old friend. Not the love of my life or anything.”

“Oh. I see. Is that good?”

“It’s good for me because she understood it also. She will stay a friend. That is always good. To have friends.”

She nodded. “I have one good friend, Jess. She called me five times last night wondering what happened. I told her what happened. She wants to check you out.”

“She doesn’t trust me?”

“No, I guess not. She’s coming over for lunch tomorrow. I hope that’s okay?”

“That is fine. You can have her check me out. You’ll feel safer,” Viktor said.

He wanted to laugh, but was happy that Alia had a good enough friend to be worried about her. He thought she was alone in the world. That would be sad, but now he wasn’t sad.

She had a friend that he was going to meet.

Chapter Four

Alia wiped down the kitchen counter as Viktor’s chef finished making lunch. Viktor watched them from a stool on the island. What he must think about her and her friend invading his space. Not that it wasn’t huge. It was and they could probably rattle around in here for days without seeing each other.

Still, it was his home and she’d invaded it. He’d insisted on it, but she still felt odd living here. Maybe she would get used to it. He hadn’t asked her about college since their talk the day before.

Not knowing what she was good at hindered her ability to choose a major.

“Have you thought about going to school, Alia?” Viktor asked as if he’d read her thoughts.

“I have, but I have no idea what I want to study.”

“What did you dream doing as a kid?”

“The usual. Actress, dancer. Things like that.”

“What about more recently?”

She put the cloth she was using in the sink, then turned to face him. “I’ve been taking care of my younger brother for years. Whatever dreams I might have had, are gone. I knew they’d never happen, so I gave them up.”

Would he understand that?

Viktor eyed her. “Then find them again. You have a chance. I’m offering you a chance.”

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