Dancing With Danger

By: Cristina Grenier

“We can celebrate more in the morning,” he murmured, already drifting off.

“It is morning,” Andrea mumbled back, but Dorian didn’t have the energy to reply.

As he fell asleep his mind wandered, thinking about his father and how petty all of this had been. He’d never taken his father for a man who would cheat at a card game of all things, but there it was. The things he had set into motion were well on their way to being shut down by the police and by Ben and his team, and despite everything that had happened since the last time he’d been in his bed, it was definitely easier to breathe.

Especially with Andrea curled up against him, eager and willing to do this with him. There were things about her that he didn’t know, things that haunted her that they would need to talk about, but he wasn’t worried in the least.

With that final thought in his mind, he slept.

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