Blitzed by the Billionaire

By: Alice Ward

Walt unfastened Isabella’s safety straps and lifted her from the carrier. I reached for her instinctively and he laid her in my open arms. Little Walt tugged at the bottom of Walt’s shorts.

“I like your new baby, Grandpa. But can we have our cupcakes now?” Walt laughed and lifted both of the boys in his arms.

“Yes. It is definitely time for cupcakes,” he agreed, turning toward the picnic table.

“Will you light our candles?” Eli asked him.

“Of course.” Walt winked at me and sat the boys down on the bench. The other kids joined them, and Walt and Claudia lit the boy’s candles. Everyone started singing Happy Birthday except Hugo, who couldn’t resist shoving his cupcake into his mouth.

Ethan leaned against a nearby tree trunk and I joined him, still cradling Isabella. I leaned back into his chest and we watched our sons blow out their candles.

“She’s beautiful,” Ethan whispered over my shoulder.

“She’s a miracle,” I agreed.

“This is a pretty spectacular life we have, Emily.”

I shifted Isabella to my left arm and moved Ethan’s right hand over my belly, where our daughter was turning somersaults.

“It’s amazingly spectacular,” I agreed. “And it’s only going to get better from here.”

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