Her Little White Lie

By: Cj Howard

“Sorry, I took so long. I got held up in a meeting,” he said

“Oh, that's all right.” I stammered my words because I just couldn't get over the transformation.

Was that really Mikey? I never knew he was so tall and well built.

“You look beautiful. Grace. I love that dress,” He spun me around and Alicia gasped.

“I'm Alicia,” she blurted out.

Mikey took her hand and kissed it.

“I'm Mikey, nice to meet you.”

“I've been dying to meet you. Maybe I could steal you away from Grace for a while. I've got some questions I just can't wait to ask.”

“Sure, Alicia, but I haven't seen Grace all day and I just want to tell her how much I missed her if that's all right. And then I'm all yours.”

“I'll be waiting,” she said.

I was still in shock when Mikey led me out to the hallway.

“How did you manage all this?” I pointed up and down at his clothes.

“Shh, just go with it. I met this Spanish guy out on the sidewalk outside the hotel. He asked if I was Grace's fiancé and I said yes. He gave me a brown envelope and sent me to get fitted with a suit at some swanky shop across the street and said you'd arranged it with him.”

“Mr. Iglesias.”

“That's right, that was his name and he told me to tell you to have a wonderful night.”

“I swear he's like my guardian angel. Well come on, let's go back in. I'll have to thank him later. Now we got to convince Alicia and Suzette about us. I hope you remember your lines.”


Before I knew it, Alicia and Suzette had each grabbed one of Mikey's arms and whisked him into the bosom of the highly decorated banqueting suite. There was a large tree at one end of the suite which blocked most of a very extravagant window whose curtains were pulled back and looked down to the busy street outside. The noisy traffic couldn't be heard above the DJ who had turned up the music for the last hour and disco lights were flashing off and on, in time with the music.

I looked and saw Mikey dancing with Alicia. Where the hell he learned to dance I had no idea but he really knew how to move.

“So, you gone and taken yourself of the market?”

I turned around and Damion was holding a plate piled high with buffet food in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

“I'm sorry, Damion, if I waited for you to propose I'd be a very old lady.” I smiled at him with one eye on Mikey's moves.

“Well, I can't restrict all this to just one woman, Grace, it just wouldn't be fair.”

I looked down at Damion's extended waistline and thought there was definitely lots of Damion to go around. But Damion was certainly not my type. If I even knew what that was.

“So where did you meet this guy?” Ramon was next with the questioning.

“It was a blind date. We met at the top of the Empire State Building.”

“Romantic, but a little contrived.” Ramon sighed.

“What you know about romance, fool?” Damion shouted at him and that started an argument between them which got me off the hook.

I moved away and bumped into Miss Poole.

“A very handsome young man you have there, Grace. Where is it you said you'd be spending Christmas Day?” she asked me.

“Oh, with his family.” I smiled. The party was almost over and no-one suspected anything so far.

“How big is his family?” Suzette asked.

“It's his Mom and Dad and one sister, that's all,” I said, imagining in my head Mikey's real family and all seven of his brothers and sisters.

“Well let's hope you all have a happy holiday.” Miss Poole left the party then, staggering slightly but at least she was convinced by my story.

Suzette was still lurking beside me and Alicia hadn't let go of Mikey.

“Mom, Dad, and sister?” Suzette said. “That all sounds really cozy. And what does Mikey do?”

“He's in marketing.”

“I see,” she said. “So, anyway, a few of us are heading over to Brown's for a nightcap. You and Mikey should join us.”

“Oh it's getting late. We both have early starts so we better call it a night.” I said, looking at my watch. The party was due to wind up in ten minutes.

Just then Alicia came back with Mikey. He looked happy and was smiling at me.

“So,” Alicia said, “Mikey just said you guys are coming over to Brown's with us.”

“He did? You did?” I said, staring at him. “I thought you'd be tired, and you know you have that early meeting tomorrow morning and I'm on the early shift myself – Red.”

“Oh don't be such a spoil sport, Grace,” Mikey beamed. “Let's keep the party going. I'm sure we'll be fine tomorrow.”

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