Slipperless #5

By: Sloan Storm

With an angry grunt, I redoubled the strength of my grip, yanking her ass hard into my pelvis. As soon as I did, something changed in her, and almost immediately, she lifted her head off the table.

“I’m cumming,” she muttered. “I’m cumming right now…”

I licked my lips and tasted the faint hint of sweat. Looking down at her, I nodded my head in agreement.

As I did, Fiona banged her head back to the table with a thud. Soon after, her hips rocketed upward, separating themselves from the table’s surface. Fiona’s fingers moved with a furious flicking action as she stroked at her clit with abandon.

Seeing this, my own need welled up from deep inside me and before I realized it, I felt the familiar sensation of climax building in my balls. Not long after, Fiona’s frenzied stroking reached a powerful crescendo, and as I looked on, she began to gyrate beneath me.

Suddenly, her thighs locked hard around my waist and her body froze like a fleshy statue. A deep, guttural moan—long and sustained—sputtered from her lips as she began to enter the throes of her climax.

The very sight of it snapped my attention to my own need for release.

Leaning over, I reached down and grabbed hold of her at the waist, yanking her towards me with every ounce of strength I had. As her ass pressed into my pelvis, I thrust my cock as deep into her as I could. And with a final grimace, I leaned back and began to empty myself inside her. We rocked into one another for several seconds as our shared climaxes consumed us.

When at last the sensation started to recede, it was then I realized this was what I had missed the most—being inside her, taking her as my own as no man ever had before and, if I got my way, never would.


Oh my God, what the hell have I done?

As the overwhelming lust I experienced for Gabe began to recede from me in the aftermath of our encounter, I couldn’t believe what happened. Not even back at the office for a day, I’d already given in to him.

How was I supposed to maintain any credibility whatsoever? I realized the amount of power he had over me was deeper than I imagined and almost… frightening.

The protest I’d put up before giving in amounted to little more than a veiled threat to injure his manhood. Even after everything I’d been through with him and the resolve I thought I’d accumulated in the wake of my firing, it all seemed to be nothing but a mirage.

As we separated in a moment of awkward silence, I tried to gather my wits and make myself presentable. While I did, I heard the sound of Gabe’s zipper as it whined closed. I’d turned my back to him moments earlier, and as he finished getting dressed, he spoke.

“Well now that I’ve got your attention… Let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Dropping my head for a moment, I forced a hard swallow down my throat. I felt as if I were at yet another crossroads. What had I just accomplished by giving in to him? Was he ever going to take me seriously?

My silence didn’t go unnoticed, and before long, Gabe talked again.

“Fiona?” he began, as he took a seat at the conference table. “Is everything all right?”

What could I say? Did it even matter anymore?

I could tell him how much he’d hurt me before when he fired me as if I were nothing more than a summer intern. I could tell him about the nights I’d lain awake since my grandmother’s death, wondering how I was going to even survive. And, of course, I could tell him that despite my best efforts to convince myself otherwise, I was still hopelessly in love with him.

I could tell him all of those things and just be done with it, once and for all.

There was a part of me that wanted to do just that, but at the same time, my more pragmatic side cautioned against it. Not much stood between me and the financial success I needed, except a bit of work and some time. And so, I decided to keep the truth to myself and instead uttered a lie as I joined him at the table.

“Yes, I’m all right,” I said, forcing a smile and hoping he wouldn’t notice.

For now, my uneasiness went undetected. Gabe nodded and winked at me.

“Good to hear.”

With that, he and I spent the next ten or fifteen minutes discussing the status of the Link Protocol and also the fallout from my firing of Amanda and Melissa. Apparently, the first call Mrs. Jameson placed after talking to me was to him.

“You realize that you’ve created a hell of a problem here, don’t you?” he said, as he leaned forward, folding his hands together and placing them on top of the table.

I exhaled as I considered my reply.

“In the short term, yes, I can’t disagree with you. But, those two, they’ve been after me since I came to work here and…”

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