Slipperless #5

By: Sloan Storm

Using my chin to indicate my intention, I gestured in the direction of the door. “I’m going to lock it.”

For the first time since I’d known her, a wicked grin came to Fiona’s lips.

“Don’t. I don’t care who sees. Do you?”

Surprised at the change in her demeanor, I looked at her for a moment and then began to shake my head back and forth.


As I finished speaking, Fiona sat upright.

With a mischievous smile still spread across her lips, she motioned for me to move towards her with her index finger. As I did, Fiona reached for me and started to unfasten my belt. Seconds later, she unzipped my pants, and after a firm tug on my boxer briefs, Fiona grabbed for my raging hard cock.

With one hand, Fiona wrapped her fingers around the shaft and using her thumb, she swirled the tip while she looked up into my eyes. Soon after, she drew her mouth to the head of my dick and slid her soft lips around it.

“Man, fuck…” I groaned, as she took me into the slick heat of her mouth.

I looked down and over the next several seconds watched as my cock grew wetter and slicker with each slow pull of her lips along it. In between tiny gags, Fiona stroked and sucked my dick with a fervent effort. With each moment that passed, I felt myself grow harder and longer.

I moaned as she increased both the intensity and friction of her effort. As I did, Fiona returned my utterances of ecstasy with needful grunts of her own. Just then, she released my dick from inside her mouth and looked up into my eyes once again.

“Come in my mouth,” she said, with a breathless gasp. “I want to taste you.”

I looked down at her and smiled.

Shaking my head, I replied, “No.”

She pouted at my refusal. However, no sooner had I spoken than I reached towards the center of her chest, and with a gentle, persistent motion, I coaxed her back down on top of the conference table.

Fiona licked her lips as her head came to rest with a gentle bounce on the table’s surface. As soon as she’d returned to a flat position, I reached down and grabbed hold of her thighs, spreading them. With her legs high, Fiona’s dress draped across her torso and as it did, the sight of her glistening pussy came into view.

“Do you want my cum, Fiona?” I said, as I locked eyes with her. “Is that what you want?”

She looked up at me through glassy eyes. With her mouth open, Fiona struggled to form a single word.

“Yes,” she whispered after a few moments of silence. “More than anything.”

With her desires made plain, I wasted no time and reached down, grabbing my throbbing shaft at the base. The sensation raging through my body forced me to pause. If I hadn’t, I felt as if I might have hurt her. It wasn’t intentional, but the accumulated desire within me was so great, I wasn’t sure I could restrain it.

As if sensing it, Fiona reached up and touched my arm. Without a word, she smiled at me, inviting me to take her. I nodded and slid my cock inside. As I did, Fiona reached for the edge of the table, hooking her fingers around it and squeezing tight. Her back arched, her head leaned back and she let out a terrific groan.

I continued to enter her, driving my dick as far as it would go. I was so hard, so sensitive and so ready I nearly came inside her on the spot. The feel of her pussy lips as they wrapped around my shaft buckled my knees beneath me.

“Fuuuuuccckkkk…” I groaned, as my cock reached its deepest point within her.

As I did, Fiona sighed a loving breath and reached up towards my forearms.

With her fingers wrapped around my flesh, I began to thrust in and out of her with a long series of hard strokes. With each pass, my balls slapped against Fiona’s ass, causing her curves to quiver and shake. I looked down to see her large tits rock back and forth, beneath the thin veneer of her blouse, keeping time with the rhythm of my thrusting.

Nothing could have prepared me for those first few moments of being inside her once more. It was as close to a feeling of perfect bliss as a man can experience. The wetness of her pussy coated my entire length, making each insertion, easier and more difficult at the same time. While I continued to drive myself in and out, Fiona released her fingers from my forearm and snaked them down towards her clit.

I licked my lips as her small digits reached it.

Fiona rolled her eyes closed and angled her head backward as she began to massage and tease herself. With her other hand, she reached for her breasts and squeezed them, matching the timing of my thrusts.

By now, I’d reached a state of controlled frenzy.

A part of me wanted to split her in two and claim her in a way that I never had before. I was done with her pretending she didn’t want this as much as I did. In this moment, I would show her, and she would understand.

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