Slipperless #5

By: Sloan Storm

I took another step towards her, close enough to get my first whiff of her perfume. While she stared at me with a look of uncertainty on her face, I relished the feeling of being close to her once again. My cock twitched as I watched her ample breasts heave. In between frenetic gulps of air, her chest moved up and down, tempting my hands to touch them.

“What are you doing, Gabe?” she whispered. “Don’t push me.”

I narrowed my gaze as I looked at her mouth. More than anything, I wanted to press my lips against hers. Fiona continued to fight through labored breath as I moved closer yet again. Her lips parted, and I was almost close enough to feel the heat as it escaped from the between them.

Just then, Fiona broke my gaze and her eyes darted towards the conference room door. Within a fraction of a second, she moved as if she were trying to escape, but as she did, I slammed my hand against the wall, palm flat, blocking her exit. She snapped her head in my direction, and I wasted no more time.

I crushed my mouth into hers, pinning her head against the wall. Right away, Fiona resisted me with everything she had. After a moment or two, she shook her head with a violent thrash, and broke her lips free of mine.

“Stop it, Gabe,” she warned. Lifting her hand, she wiped her mouth with the back of her palm.

I smiled as I looked into her eyes.

“I mean it,” she began. “I’m not kidding around. If you so much as touch me again, I’ll knee you right in the balls.”

But just as she finished speaking, I noticed the tiniest of twitches underneath Fiona’s eye. She didn’t believe her own bluff. I extended my other arm. Now with both palms flat against the wall, I engulfed her with my presence.

Without hesitation, I leaned my entire body into her, pinning her against the wall with my weight. My lips met hers and I drove my tongue inside her mouth. Predictably, Fiona resisted, squealing and moaning and otherwise protesting, until at last, I felt the rigidness fade from her body.

I swept my hands away from the wall and drew them towards the soft, milky flesh of her chin. Now devouring her, I twisted my head from one side to another, slipping my tongue all along the inside of her mouth.

Fiona moved closer to surrender as she pulled her head forward, just off of the wall, and began to return my affection with an equal intensity of her own. Reaching up, she draped her arms across my shoulders, hooking them together behind my head in a lazy embrace.

Fiona’s body eased against mine with each second that passed. Delighting in the change to her demeanor, I reached down and dug my fingers into her voluptuous curves. Squeezing her softness, it took everything I had not to shred her clothing into a pile of fabric and fuck her senseless against the wall.

Between kisses, we gasped for air as the intensity grew ever greater between us. Whatever boundaries she’d concocted in her mind vanished while our affection for one another rekindled as I’d hoped it would.

It hadn’t been long, less than a couple of weeks since the last time we’d been together in the islands. But, for some reason, it was as if months had passed, and I wanted to savor every moment.

I alternated between highs of aggressive tongue lashing and lows of tender, gentle smacks. Fiona’s lips were like silk… feminine and delicious. Since the time I first met her, her perfect mouth had always had my attention. And now, as we kissed one another again, I realized how desperate I’d been to taste her lips.

Soft moans of submission and pleasure emitted from Fiona’s mouth. Soon, she made her desire clear as her hands unhooked and began to trail down my backside. As they did, I released my own from her delicate chin and snaked them into her smooth blonde locks.

My already hard cock stiffened further as Fiona cupped my ass in her hands. Taking that as my signal to do as I wished, I removed my fingers from her hair and with one swift motion, reached down and lifted her off the ground.

Fiona’s lips never parted from mine as I picked her up with ease. Instead, she locked her legs around my waist and pulled them together tight, hugging me into her with all of her strength.

With Fiona fully straddling me, I turned to walk in the direction of the conference room table, where moments later I placed her on top of it.

Fiona looked up at me, her lips red and swollen. With her ass at the table’s edge, I reached down, sliding my hands beneath the hem of her dress. Reaching further still, I put my fingers around her panties and with her assistance, removed them in a series of quick tugs. As they appeared from beneath her clothing, I tossed them to one side and turned in the direction of the conference room door.

Before I could take a single step, Fiona spoke, “Where are you going?”

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