Slipperless #2

By: Sloan Storm

But it wasn’t long before the thought left me and my attention returned to Gabe. He moved his head back and forth between my legs as the sound of soft smacks and tender licks against the lips of my pussy floated in the air between us. Soon we settled into a sort of synchronicity and with each pass of his tongue, I would rock my hips back and forth into his mouth. I rolled my head to one side, exhaling a breath of bliss.

It wouldn’t be long now. Not long at all.

For several more moments, Gabe continued to consume me, swirling and twisting his tongue, pressing it against my clit. I felt my breathing quicken, and in that instant, Gabe dragged his fingertips from my belly. The pressure of them against my flesh vanished from my awareness for a moment and then in the very next, came crashing back.

I inhaled a breath and clenched hard between my thighs as Gabe slid two of his thick digits inside of me. Forming an ‘O’ with my lips, I reached up to my tits, fondling them as he began to curl and bend his fingers within me. All the while, he continued to flick at my clit with his tongue. Now helpless and on the edge of a mind-splitting climax, I relaxed my hips and gave in to him without reservation. My eyelids opened and through a lust-filled haze, I looked down at him. The steady rhythm returned, only this time Gabe used pressure-filled strokes from his fingers to coax me.

Gabe lifted his head and locked eyes with me.

“Cum Fiona. Do it.”

I spread my lips, dropping my mouth open slightly. Bursts of hot breath expelled from me as I nodded at his request.

“Do it.”

On his command, I sucked in my lower lip, biting hard. It was time, the moment was upon me. My entire body began to pump, keeping time with the pace of his strokes inside of me.

“Mmm, hmm, mmm, hmm…” I chanted, keeping it as close to a whisper as I could.

And then, as I teetered on the cliff of my bliss, I heard a knock against the office door.



A sudden wave of panic tore into me as I lurched upward, locking eyes with Gabe in terror. But with his fingertips inside me, Gabe controlled my movements. I bucked, desperate to get free. Half-terrified I’d be caught and half-desperate I had to finish, I thrashed against him.

“Yes Holly?” he said, as he continued to slide his fingers in and out.

I reached up and grasped his forearm. “Please stop…” I mouthed.

A wicked smile came to Gabe’s face as he rotated his fingers and curled them under, making a come hither motion. He shook his head. Unable to control myself, I closed my fingers hard, digging into the unforgiving sinew of his forearm. With my other hand, I clawed the cushion of the couch like a wild animal caught in a trap. My legs shook, my hips pulsed and I clenched my teeth so hard I thought they might crack.

Squeezing my eyes shut tight, I slammed my head back onto the couch as my orgasm tore through me. I flipped my eyes open to see Gabe looking at me as I came. All the while, he continued to carry on a conversation with Holly as if everything was completely normal. Climax ripped across my body like a tornado across an open plain. Gabe intensified his strokes within me, bringing me beyond the point of release and near complete madness.

I whispered stifled breaths, desperate not to be discovered. Even though it was locked, I was all but sure somehow she’d come through the door at any moment and see me lying there, completely exposed with Gabe’s fingers inside of me. For what seemed like an eternity I came harder than I ever had, while they chatted away.

And then, at last, just as the heat of climax began to recede from me, Holly and Gabe’s conversation ended. Within seconds, she’d returned to her desk or carrying out whatever commands Gabe had given her. Not long after, Gabe withdrew his fingers from inside of me. As soon as I could regain my wits and my strength, I shot to a seated position, slapping him across the upper arm.

“You are such a bastard,” I snarled.

Gabe smiled. “Glad you enjoyed it.”


After my fright-filled encounter with Gabe a couple of days ago, I grew more concerned I had put my new position at risk with the team.

Of course I realized the riskiness of carrying on with him, but until I could make myself indispensable through my work alone, I felt I had no choice but to give in to his wishes. Without intending it, I’d painted myself in a corner.

Now understand, it wasn’t that I didn’t love the sex.

I did.

It was always on my mind. And forgetting about it only seemed to be more difficult as the days went by.

Yet I had to put space between us in the office as much as possible, and the sooner I did, the better off I’d be. In fact, Gabe was to arrive in a matter of minutes as he made a visit to the lab to check on the status of the work. This would be his first such visit with me in charge. I had every intention of keeping it professional and steering clear of any attempts he might make to get me alone.

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