Slipperless #2

By: Sloan Storm

I… couldn’t.

Before long, Gabe stopped walking just as the backs of my calves brushed against the couch. The entire time, I’d kept my eyes closed, giving him complete control as he guided me. But as we came to halt, Gabe separated his mouth from mine and as he did a smattering of heat escaped from between my lips.

“What were you saying, Fiona?”


As I looked at him through a haze of lust and confusion, Gabe reached down towards my pants. He began to remove them as he continued.

“What was it? That you didn’t want me to do this?”

After the snap of a button and the hiss of my zipper, I felt the cool air of the room lick against my flesh as Gabe hooked his fingers inside of my pants, tugging them down. Falling deeper into my trance, I tipped my head forward and watched as he dropped before me and removed them. My resistance was in its death throes now. On the verge of complete surrender, I muttered one last refusal.

“Gabe…” I said with a cross between a moan and a whisper. “I… we shouldn’t…”

As I mumbled, Gabe slid his warm hands beneath my shirt, cradling my tits in them. I struggled to remain standing as he touched my tender nipples. They were hard as diamonds and a hundred times as sensitive. I writhed in place as he fondled me. Gabe rolled them between the tips of his digits, sending electric shocks through my body with each twist. Before long, he’d removed my bra and in fact, most of the rest of my clothing.

And now, in spite of my half-hearted protest, I stood before him with my curves on full display. Gabe moved in once more, teasing me with innuendo.

“What were you saying, Fiona? That you don’t want me to do this?”

With that, Gabe slid his fingers beneath my thong, gliding it down my thighs with an easy, unhurried motion. As the panties fell to my feet, I stepped out of them, my surrender now final. Without hesitation, Gabe helped me down onto the sofa. The feel of the cool leather startled me a fraction as I fell onto it. My hair drifted across my eyes, partially obscuring my view of him. Gabe hovered over me for a moment or so before positioning himself on the couch between my thighs.

I shivered and trembled as he drew close. Excitement prickled across my exposed flesh in the form of countless tiny goosebumps. Deftly, Gabe positioned his hands behind my knees and after sliding them down a fraction, he wrapped his fingers around the insides of my thighs and spread them apart.

I lifted my head as a sigh escaped from my lips. Glancing down, I watched as Gabe began to pepper my inner thighs with tender kisses and subtle flicks of his tongue. My breath came to me in fits, haphazard gulps. Unblinking, I looked on as Gabe meandered towards my mound with a lazy rhythm, kisses growing wetter by the second. At some point, I think I stopped breathing altogether. That is, until he slid the palm of his hand on top of my pussy, cupping it.

Slamming my head back down on the sofa, I stifled a desperate groan.

Gabe pivoted his palm over my folds, spreading them as he descended towards them with his lips. I flexed my pelvis in anticipation of his mouth against my pussy, half-thinking I might cum as soon as he did. I glanced towards him, readying myself as he raced downward, when at the last instant he stopped, and hovered. Gabe narrowed his lips and let out slow, hot breaths. The small puffs rippled across my wet, pink flesh and sent my eyes rolling back in my head.

“Ohhhh, Goddd…” I whispered.

As he lingered there, I reached towards his long hair and slid my fingers into it. Losing myself and almost desperate to the point of madness, I caressed his thick locks, twirling and intertwining them between the tips of my fingers. Gabe remained silent as I did, content to torture me for just a few precious moments longer.

“Gabe…” I hummed in a hushed tone. “Ohhhh, Gabe.”

As I spoke, I sensed his head fall away from my grasp and a split second later, he swallowed my mound into his mouth, dragging his tongue between my lips. I shuddered and twitched, instinctively lifting my thighs and hooking my legs at the ankle across his upper back. As he began to devour me, Gabe grunted in pleasure. I allowed my head to fall back into the couch with a tender bounce. Gabe lashed at the lips of my pussy with his tongue, dipping inside of me on occasion with the tip of it.

As he did, he moved his hands, sliding one under my ass to support me and the other flat against my belly as he held me in position. I did my best to remain quiet as he licked and flicked and sucked. And aside from the occasional chirp or grunt, I managed to keep myself under control. Even so, I began to worry about the inevitable… I was all but certain he intended for me to cum and I had no idea how I’d keep quiet when the moment arrived.

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