Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Annabel couldn’t believe her luck. She looked around her new office, completely secluded and not a criminal in sight. She sat down in her chair, spun around on it and held out her arms. She could hear Jed in his room on the telephone, she hoped things would always be this relaxed.

At eleven am, after Annabel had had time to settle in to her new office, set up her computer and email, Jed took her down back into the main open plan office. She walked down corridors eyeing up the executives inside, wondering what they did at this huge place and what exactly her role would entail. As they entered the main hub of the building she was introduced to Laura, a small blonde girl who was another one of the directors PA’s. She took Annabel around the entire office, filling her in on who everyone was and introducing her to all the faces along the way.

“That’s Bill,” she whispered as they passed another large office with a good looking, younger man sat behind a mahogany desk. “He’s the big boss’s best friend from uni…” she rolled her eyes, linked her arm through Annabel’s and said with disdain, “It’s like a boys club here.”

“He looks young?” Annabel asked.

“Umm, mid thirties I think,” she laughed, “All the office girls fancy him and he knows it.”

“Oh, arrogant then?”

“Horrendously.” Laura rolled her eyes again and mock put her fingers down her throat and pretended to be sick.

After they had been around the whole floor and she had given Annabel the gen on most of the people that were there they wandered back through to the main communal room, the centre of the office. It was large, open plan and full of people talking on phones, sat on each other’s desks and chatting over files.

“This is me,” Laura said slipping onto a chair at a desk on the outside of the room, “Easy to find, that’s probably why Jed asked me to show you around.”

“I’m sure I’ll be here often asking for your help,” Annabel said and she meant it. This one floor of the building was so big it was like a maze. She thought she would get lost if she tried to find the fax machine on her own or go looking for the stationary cupboard.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Laura grinned. As she said it her phone rang and she leant over her desk to answer it. She held up her index finger to signal one minute. As she chatted on the phone Annabel turned and looked around the room. Everyone who was working certainly looked happy enough and they all appeared to be relatively young and friendly, save a few older faces in the crowd. Back at her old job Annabel had worked alongside some miserable old bats and she was glad to finally be stepping into an environment where she could maybe make some friends. As she stood by the side of Laura’s desk she began daydreaming of her and a group of colleagues leaving Crown House at five pm and catching the tube to Covent Garden. They could hang out and drink cocktails in their works clothes and saunter home whenever they liked, maybe even falling into taxis with each other or using the changing room at Crown House to get showered and changed in if they had an all nighter. She was lost in her dream when suddenly across the room her eyes fell on a familiar face…

In her head she was downing shots of tequila and biting down on a piece of lemon… in reality she had just locked eyes with Dexter Slade.

He was in the office and he was looking right at her. She snapped out of her revere and her heart thumped high up in her chest. She swallowed hard and cast her eyes to the floor. Had he seen her? Was it really him?

“Are you okay?” Laura asked, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Annabel brushed her hair behind her ear, “Is that…?” she looked up. He had turned his back to them and was speaking with a man at a desk near the main door to the office.

“That’s the big boss,” Laura grinned, “Dexter Slade. Handsome isn’t he?” she had a dreamy schoolgirl look on her face. “He’s a complete prick though, all of the women here adore him and get sucked in but really he just chews them up and spits them out.”

She couldn’t believe it. It was him. How on earth had this happened? “Have you ever?” Annabel said it before she even realised it was coming out of her mouth.

“Me?” Laura said grinning, “I wish, even though he’s a playboy he’s bloody gorgeous.”

“Oh,” Annabel said, feeling herself blush.

“He has a girlfriend,” Laura rolled her eyes again, “Or fiancé, whatever.”

“Oh…” this time it was disappointment. Then complete disbelief, how had this happened? The man from the club on Friday who was so obnoxious and full of himself was now here, in this building, where she had just started to work. Someone is having a laugh, she thought shaking her head, I just wish it was me.

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