Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Dexter rolled over in bed, staring out over the city’s skyline. He was hung-over and still angry at being rejected the previous evening. He thought about the girl, the way she slinked down into the VIP area and caught his attention. She was magical, like she had cast a spell on him. He remembered the curve of her waist and felt his dick pulse in his pants. He was so unbelievably horny, just thinking about her was making him hard. He rolled over onto his stomach and pressed his cock firmly into the mattress and sighed. His morning wood was not going to go anywhere unless he did something about it. He looked at his mobile to see another set of texts from Catherine, he could easily call her, apologise, make it up, get rid of his load and then say he had to go to work but he knew he was done. He couldn’t pretend anymore to be in love with a woman who did nothing for him. He bit his fist and ruffed up his hair, but there was no way he was servicing himself. He reluctantly looked at the texts again and went to type a reply but quickly threw the phone across the room. “No, Catherine and I are done,” he said aloud, getting out of bed, his manhood hard and stiff in his boxers. He strode into the shower and turned on the warm jets. As he got in he instinctively slid his hand down, the only thing he was able to think about was the girl from the night before. She was fresh in his mind and she wasn’t going anywhere. As he pumped his cock with his fist he thought about her full lips sliding up and down his shaft all the way to the balls. He groaned as he came thick and fast, into his palm, he steadied himself on the shower wall, panting and jerking, his hot white load shooting out in the most intense release.

“Umm, I’m going to get you,” he moaned.

Chapter 8

On Monday morning at 9am Annabel walked into the lobby of Crown House, one of London’s premier business buildings situated in the CBD not far from The Gherkin. She crossed over to the elevator and pressed the button for floor twenty, the second highest in the building and her new work home. She felt strong, sexy and professional as she exited the lift and made her way down the long hall to the reception. The office was brand new, all marble, lush plants and modern art. This was the sort of place she had always wanted to work and she had finally got herself there. She approached the desk and smiled at the lady sat behind it, “Good morning,” she said, “I’m Annabel Winter, I’m starting here today as a PA for Mr. Jed Marshall.”

“Good morning Annabel,” the lady smiled, she was older, maybe in her early fifties and she had ice white hair tied tightly in a bun on the top of her head. She tapped onto her telephone keypad and glanced up again to give Annabel a once over. “Good morning, Jed,” she smiled. “A Miss Winter is in reception for you.” She placed the receiver back down and held out her hand, “Please take a seat, he won’t be a moment.”

Annabel turned to follow the direction she was being ushered to and crossed the room. She sat in one of the big, tub armchairs and placed her hands palm down, nervously on her lap. Her heart thumped in her chest but she couldn’t be sure whether it was from nerves or excitement.

“Annabel,” the warm familiar voice of Jed Marshall was behind her, “Good morning, welcome to Crown House.”

Annabel rose to her feet and extended her hand, “Good morning Mr. Marshall,” she beamed, her heart slowing to its normal rate, “How are you today?”

“Very well and yourself?” He wasn’t as cold as she had remembered, she was glad he was making her feel at ease.

“Yes, I’m fantastic thank you.” Jed began to walk out of reception and down one of the long corridors, Annabel kept at his heel, smiling and making small talk. She was sure now that she had just been nervous and that he was actually going to be a good boss, there was a kindness about him that seemed genuine.

He took her into a section of the office that was somewhat secluded to the rest of the open plan buzz behind them. “We’re in here,” he smiled, “With the work I do I can’t bear to be around too much noise.” His office was separate to Annabel’s, she was positioned in a side room with her own desk, large leather chair and plenty of room to not feel claustrophobic. Jed’s room was a few feet down the corridor, via an adjoining door. She set her bag down on her new desk and turned to him.

“So, today I guess it’s just make yourself at home. I’ll take you around and introduce you to everyone, I may leave you in the capable hands of Laura, one of the other PA’s who works in the main office so she can run through a few things with you and just get you acquainted with how things are done around here, show you where the essentials are, things like that. But there isn’t a lot for you to do today. I’ll be leaving at three for a meeting so feel free to go anytime from then,” he smiled and shrugged his shoulders, almost like he wasn’t used to having someone to manage.

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