Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Chapter 7

Annabel spent the rest of her weekend in her apartment in South Kensington preparing for her new job. She had lived alone there since Clara and her went their separate ways a year and half before. Annabel was lucky, the flat was in a beautiful Victorian terrace and she had the whole of the first floor to herself. The apartment itself was worth millions and her parents had inherited it when her grandmother had died six years prior. Annabel knew there was no way she could afford to live in such a gorgeous place on her salary, the rent alone would be over £5000 a month but her and her parents had struck a deal. Instead of them leasing it, they agreed she could stay there for a token rent if she kept it maintained and well looked after. It was a good compromise for both parties, Annabel had a secure home and her parents knew it was in good hands and more importantly that their daughter was safe. She counted her blessings every day that she had found herself in such a fortunate position. Her grandmother was old London money and would only want the best for her. She also knew she would be turning in her grave if they had rented it out and the place had been vandalised in any way. The apartment had been in her family since the 50’s and there was a lot of Winter History wrapped up within those walls.

She curled up on her sofa with a cup of tea and stared out of the window. It was a cold day for spring and the sky was grey. Slowly the heavens opened and tiny raindrops scattered the windowpane. She always loved being inside when it was raining, she felt cosy and safe. She leaned forward and pulled her mobile from the coffee table. She had a text from her mother wishing her good luck for her first day at her new job and she smiled. She couldn’t believe it had come around so quickly.

She had previously worked as a receptionist at a large law firm in the centre of the city. This time she had managed to bag herself a few steps higher and was going to be an executive PA. She had a good education and had been to university, but had drifted around since she had finished her degree and had never been sure of exactly what it was that she wanted to do. At one point she had thought maybe she should go into modelling, she was always being told how amazing her figure was and that it was pretty much perfect. An old boyfriend had once compared her to a pin-up model because of her large natural breasts, tiny waist and rounded derriere, her legs were long and her demeanour sultry at all times. Her mother often exclaimed she couldn’t understand why Annabel did not have a husband. “You should have been married off before you were twenty-one,” she would say, “You don’t want to end up being left on the shelf.” Annabel would always roll her eyes and close her ears. She was only twenty-five and had more than enough time to find and meet the man of her dreams. She enjoyed having the freedom to explore and do what she wanted without having to answer to someone, but she was also feeling the urge to be protected, settle down and have someone to care for her.

She opened her wardrobe and chose her outfit for her first day. The man who hired her had been weasely and she wasn’t particularly looking forward to being his personal assistant but it was surely better than where she had been. She had spent the past year working on reception at a law firm that catered to some of London’s most vile criminals. She had been chased, threatened and at one point nearly physically assaulted when one of the clients had decided he didn’t like the way she had addressed him. She had merely smiled and offered to take him through to his appointment with one of the senior partners. The man, who was being charged with attempted murder had tried to pick up her PC monitor and throw it at her head. Luckily for Annabel, she had an office right behind her to duck into and he was wrestled to the ground and arrested within minutes. Although that job had never been boring, it had never been for her. She was ready for a new challenge and she had stumbled into the interview almost by accident, the recruiter was a friend of hers and had just sent her the details. She had turned up with only an hour’s notice and no knowledge of the company and blagged her way through the entire thing. Her new boss, Mr Jed Marshall a financial director, seemed to like her and was shaking her hand and welcoming her aboard within thirty minutes of meeting her. He still had an air about him that screamed seriousness but she wanted the change and she was prepared for anything, she was sure a cold and boring executive was better than the murderers, rapists and fraudsters she had spent her weekdays with before.

She settled on a tight black pencil skirt, a red sheer shirt with a nude camisole beneath to protect her modesty and her high pointed court shoes. She knew she would impress in it and as she slipped it on to make sure it was okay she smiled at herself in the mirror. You’re going to be fine, she thought, you deserve a new challenge.

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