Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Chapter 4

Dexter sat in the back seat of his Maybach as his driver chauffeured him around London’s West End. It was getting late and he had still to set foot inside a nightclub. He looked out onto the streets and saw girls in tiny dresses with their legs on show and he eyed them up, wondering if any of them would end up going home with him that night. He was determined to get laid and he always got what he wanted.

The queues for all of London’s top boutique nightclubs were snaking out down the pavements and as Dexter’s driver pulled up outside of Vita, the hottest new place in the city, he adjusted his collar over his suit jacket and got ready to enter to swarm of people outside. His driver opened the door for him and he go out into the hectic mass of bodies all pushing and clambering to get past the red velvet rope. Security parted the crowd and made a path so Dexter could walk through and as he did paparazzi snapped him, he half shielded his face as he got to the main door. He was ushered inside and led down the darkened VIP tunnel, out of the main section of the club, through two huge ceiling high red velvet curtains and into the secluded, much quieter area where he was immediately set up at the best table in the house, already adorned with several bottles of Dom Perignon. He looked around at the chandeliers and the opulence and instantly felt at home. Even though he’d be comfortable at a country pub, this sort of place was definitely where he liked to spend his time.

A waitress in a tiny mini skirt and a skimpy vest popped the first cork and poured him a glass of champagne, Dexter smiled and thanked her before slipping her a fifty pound tip, desperate just to be left alone. He had wanted to be out of the house and knew he needed female company, but right now he didn’t want to be bothered with pointless conversations or servers crowding round him. He leant back in his seat and resisted the urge to check his blackberry. Don’t do it, Dex… Switch off, just for tonight…

It was whilst he sat there wrestling with his frustration that Annabel Winter descended the stairs to the VIP area. Fresh from her date with Dim Tim and ready to go wild, she was best friends with Clara, the hostess of the club and she had called her whilst she was in her taxi fleeing from the Italian restaurant and desperate for somewhere to go, limoncello’d up to the eyeballs.

Annabel spied Clara and walked over to her, the two girls hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.

“Anna, you’ve got to fill me in on this date from hell!” Clara giggled, snapping her fingers to a barman and motioning to him to pass them both some drinks.

“Oh god,” Annabel put her head in her hands and laughed, “Honestly, never try and encourage me to go on a blind date again… especially with someone I met on the internet.”

“I really thought you were going to hit it off with him!” Clara exclaimed, “He seemed just your type.”

“Yeah, if my type was dull and boring…” Annabel playfully slapped Clara on the shoulder and took her drink from the barman, smiled and mouthed thank you. She looked around the room, the lights were so low in there it was difficult to make out how many people were sat in the darkened alcoves. Clara tapped Annabel on the waist, took hold of her hand and led her to a table, out of the way in one of the dark corners.

“Here you go, Darling,” Clara said, setting Annabel down and making sure she was comfortable, “I better get back to work. Will you be ok over here?”

“Yes of course, thanks so much for setting me up, I just couldn’t face going home, not after the trauma of Dim Tim!”

“Enjoy!” Clara smiled as she wandered off back to the bar area. Annabel sipped on her vodka and cranberry and listened to the music. Like most cities, London could be a lonely place, and she just needed to be around other people that night. She didn’t want to go back to her flat alone. After living by herself for nearly a year and a half she was starting to crave regular company. Annabel had plenty of friends but nothing could replace the feeling of total devotion from another person. It had been almost three years since she had had a proper boyfriend and at least two and a half years since she had had sex. She thought about the last time, it had been with a man called John. They had dated for a few weeks and Annabel had slept with him when she felt she had known him well enough. It turned out she didn’t know him at all and he had a whole host of kinky fetishes he was keen to try out and Annabel couldn’t get away fast enough. She was asked out on dates quite regularly by people she met either at work or out in bars, but she rarely said yes. After her track record she decided she was better off on her own. Dim Tim was the first person she had considered dating in well over a year and he had been nothing but a disappointment. At least you gave it a shot, she thought, But being single is definitely the way for now…

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