Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

“Umm,” Annabel moaned, on the edge herself, “More, give me more.”

Dexter was weak at the knees but wasn’t finished with her yet, he withdrew and pushed her back so she was sat on the toilet seat. He knelt between her legs and lifted them high over his shoulders as he went down on her. He flicked his tongue over her clit and then plunged it inside her. Annabel was in heaven, it was the most intense feeling she had ever had and she held onto Dexter’s head as she came and had the most intense orgasm of her life. She screamed, not controlling the volume and not caring who heard. The entire museum could probably hear them in there but now she understood what Dexter meant, there was a part of her that wanted them to hear her. Her hips bucked and Dexter held onto her, sucking her sex clean and lapping up the mix of their juices. Annabel quivered as she came for the second time and mewed like a kitten. When she couldn’t take it anymore she collapsed onto the floor, on top of Dexter, both of them completely fucked out and shivering.

“That was amazing,” Dexter said as he kissed her.

Right at that moment the door to the bathroom opened and there was a gruff cough. Annabel slapped her palm over her mouth, her eyes wide and heart beating fast. She tried to suppress her giggles, this was so much fun but she knew they would get in a lot of trouble, maybe even arrested if anyone complained or they got caught. Not to mention what people would say. There were photographers present and probably a ton of journalists, if anyone got wind of what Dexter Slade was up to in the bathroom of The Natural History Museum with one of Slade Properties PA’s it would be on the front page of The Daily Mail. The cough came again and Annabel slowly got to her feet, staying completely silent and quickly pulling her dress on over her head. Dexter put his dick back in his pants and zipped up his tux trousers, he ran his hand through his hair and adjusted his bow tie. Annabel got behind the door while Dexter unlocked it and stepped out, pretending like nothing had happened. He went over to the basins, washed his hands and then looked into the mirror, adjusting his bow tie again. The man in the restroom with them was the Master of Ceremonies and as Annabel hid in the stall she heard him say to Dexter, “Good evening Mr Slade, is everything alright in here?”

“Yes thank you,” Dexter said cheerily, “Everything is excellent.”

Annabel watched through a crack in the door as Dexter flashed him a dazzling smile and the Master of Ceremonies nodded, walked out of the door to the restroom and closed it quietly behind him.

“Come on Miss Winter,” Dexter whispered, “We better get out of here before we end up front page news.”

They hurried through the main hall of the museum, past the tables of royalty and celebrities lit by candlelight and out into the London night. Annabel felt on top of the world, her heart raced and she laughed, holding onto Dexter’s hand as he pulled her into the city streets. They ducked around the side of the building, out of the roaming eyes of the paparazzi and Dexter wrapped his arms around her, dipped her back and kissed her. She looked at him deep in the eyes and smiled.

“We can’t just leave,” she giggled, “We didn’t even manage one course. Won’t people expect you to be there?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he wrapped his arms round her, “People saw my face. Now the night is ours.”

“You’re nothing like I thought Mr Slade,” she whispered, “You keep surprising me.”

“And you me,” he said as he kissed her again.

“You know, if I had realised that night in Vita that you were actually going to be so much fun, maybe I wouldn’t have blown you off…” she nudged her shoulder into him and he tickled her on the ribs.

“It was all part of my master plan to snare you,” he laughed.

Annabel looked back over her shoulder as the Natural History Museum started to fade into the distance, she had always loved that place and now she had another reason to remember it fondly.

She linked arms with Dexter Slade, London’s premier playboy, and couldn’t quite believe that the stories and hype could even be about the same person. Maybe it was just her, maybe she had stirred something in him that had made him want her more than anyone before. She knew the connection was real, it was intense and it was electric between them. She looked up at him and smiled, she couldn’t wait to see where it lead them next…

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