Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Chapter 2

In the silence, Dexter sat back in his big black leather chair. He ran his hands through his dark hair and looked at his reflection in the blackness of the night on the windows. The city was alive and so was he. He felt more relaxed now than he had for weeks and he needed to enjoy it. He looked at his Blackberry and saw messages from Catherine. Ten messages to be precise. All in varying stages of panic and anger…

C: Hey Baby, are we having dinner tonight?

C: If you want to meet up I need a time, Dex!

C: Where are you?

C: Are you still working?

C: I’m stopping by your office.

C: The guard said you’d left? Where the hell are you?

C: Call me… x

Catherine. The on / off girlfriend who wasn’t afraid to hound Dexter until she pinned him down. He was supposed to marry her, he knew that. She wasn’t afraid of him and she wasn’t fazed by his success. Their families went way back and he would always remember him and Catherine playing show me yours, show you mine in the cupboard under the stairs when they were eleven years old and she was just starting to get the small bump of breast that later he would pay to have enhanced. It could have been fate when twenty years later they met again at a family Christmas party and had been introduced under the mistletoe. Catherine and Dexter’s mothers had both been twittering like birds about how perfect they could be, and oh imagine the grandchildren! Have a kiss you two, go on! But there was something about her that he always wanted to avoid. She was stunning, five foot ten, long leggy and lean, like a Victoria’s Secret model, and she commanded attention whenever she entered the room, but much like Joy there was something very predictable about Catherine and it had turned into more of a habit than an enjoyable relationship and meeting of minds. Dexter was with her to please his family. But he was getting to the point now, at the grand old age of thirty-five, where he really just wanted to please himself. And he wasn’t afraid to do so.

He pressed delete on Catherine’s messages and left the boardroom without tidying up any of the mess him and Joy had made. Dexter Slade didn’t tidy up for anyone and he certainly didn’t get bossed around by needy women. He wanted someone and something to keep him on his toes, something he wanted to be around. Something different, that excited him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he would know when he found it.

Out on the sidewalk he tipped the valet who brought him his red Ferrari Spider and he thundered down the street, this weekend he wanted to be out of the city. He wanted peace and tranquillity and the possibility of something else but he knew he had too much going on to just skip out on life for a few days. He had to stay and see this through. On autopilot he found himself driving the familiar route home. Even at 7:30 the roads were packed with traffic and he zipped in and out, jumping queues where he could and beeping and being beeped by furious motorists. With his mind still racing with figures and stocks and Joy’s red lips around his hard cock he was pulling into his underground parking before he even had chance to notice he’d been behind the wheel.

Home was the top floor of Sky Tower, one of the tallest buildings in London. Dexter’s father, Howard Slade, had bought it in the 1970’s and turned it into a glittering haven for the superrich. Arabs and Russians flocked to buy apartments here with their oil millions and Dex had royalty and tech billionaires for neighbours. He loved it here, but he was as ever sick of the same old. He parked his Ferrari and was greeted immediately by his working aid, Marcus. Marcus was much like Joy, but at home, and he didn’t fuck him. Dex only had eyes for women, but he needed someone close by at all times to take care of his affairs. Marcus did everything. The only thing Dex had to do himself was eat, piss and sleep. Everything else, Marcus would pick it up and make Dex’s life as easy as possible. He had his private parking space, segregated away from anyone else’s in the building with its own private elevator which took him from the below ground parking area right up to the top floor.

In the elevator Dex leaned back against the wall and exhaled. He was tired. And he could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket, he sensed the anger bouncing through him from Catherine’s raging voice. Where the fuck are you Dex?

Fuck you Catherine, he thought. Not tonight. Even though he felt the familiar pang of excitement in his groin when he thought about her warm wet pussy, he shook the thought from his mind with the assurance that he may be tempted later if she stopped being such a bitch.

When the elevator stopped the doors opened straight into the hallway of Dex’s huge, penthouse apartment. It was a bachelor pad alright, black marble floors, dark moody walls, tiger skin rugs and strange objects and artefacts he had found on his trips around the world when he was fresh out of university and still unsure of what he wanted to do with his life. Back in uni Dex was sure he was going to travel all over the world playing poker and screwing models but by a cruel twist of fate he ended up being one of London’s biggest power players in another arena. Real estate. His family owned most of the capital and had done for generations. When Dexter’s grandfather had died he became the sole heir to a monstrous fortune and a shit ton of responsibility he wasn’t sure he was ready for. Over the years he had adapted and thrived. He loved being so powerful and being able to get whatever he wanted. Cars, money, women. Anything he could get fast and leave at a moment’s notice turned him on. But lately something had been haunting him and gnawing away at the back of his mind, a heavy nag of dread that he didn’t have anyone to pass all of this onto. It had suddenly dawned on him that if Dexter died tomorrow, who would inherit his empire? Who would get all of the property and cars and wealth amassed over generations? He thought again of Catherine and of how easy would it be just to settle down with her, but he knew she wasn’t the one for him. They had never been exclusive and he wasn’t about to tie himself down now to the woman who hadn’t been exciting enough to engage his attention for more than a few hours at a time.

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