Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

She turned and looked over her shoulder again, her heart was in her throat. She couldn’t believe it was him. Her palms began to get clammy and she reached up to her neck to undo her top button and loosen the bow on the shirt she was wearing. Oh my god, he’s even more gorgeous than I remember, she thought, biting on her lip and tracing an imaginary line over his amazing bone structure. Dexter turned and caught her staring and a sly grin crept across his face. He recognised her immediately and couldn’t believe his luck. Now he knew she was definitely going to be his. In this environment there was no escape.

Annabel trotted quickly back to her office and closed the door. She breathed out deeply and laughed to herself. God, life certainly had a funny way of working out. She thought back to her Friday night disaster date with Dim Tim and then of how when she had went into the club Dexter had demanded her company and pursued her down the corridor to the ladies room. How was it she had lived in London for nearly six years and her family had been there for decades and she had never heard of this man? By all accounts he was some sort of celebrity and he was certainly popular with the women that had told her about him. She looked around confused, a realisation dawning on her, what on earth was he doing here? How could he be the big boss? She wanted to kick herself for not making the connection… but why would she? Before Friday night she had no idea he even existed and she would never make a link between his name and Slade Properties out of nowhere. She sat down at her desk and tapped her computer to life, opening Google and daring herself to type in his name. Instead she waited for a moment and turned around. She picked up her phone and dialled Laura’s desk.

“Stuck already?” Laura laughed.

“Just a quick question… Dexter Slade,” she said cautiously, “What exactly does he do?”

“What here, or in general?” she could hear Laura tapping away on her keyboard in the background.

“I guess in general,” Annabel bit her lip.

“Well, his father owns pretty much every building you can see in the central London area, including this one,” she was still tapping, “But they opened Crown House up a few years ago and he’s been here on and off ever since.”

“Oh,” Annabel swallowed hard.

“He’s a director, next in line to the Slade Empire. He’s a big noise… CEO of the property division, not that his family don’t have a lot of other ventures…”

“What like?”

“Hotels, transport, freight… last I heard they were going to get into tech. He’s been spending time out in Silicon Valley…”

“Wow,” Annabel whispered, “But he’s around here a lot then?”

“Well yes, he is the boss!” Laura laughed, “Why are you so interested?” her tone was almost cold.

“I feel like I’ve met him before, that’s all, but I think I have the wrong person.” Annabel wanted to cover her curiosity as soon as Laura’s voice changed.

“Yes, you must. You’d certainly know if you had met Dexter Slade before.”

Annabel put the receiver down and leaned back in her chair. Laura was right. You certainly would know. And now Annabel had been in his air space twice she realised why he was so intoxicating to women. She almost wanted to kick herself for being so dismissive of him on Friday in the club. This man was a huge power player and he had wanted her. She looked across the room to Jed’s door and decided that was enough detective work for one day. For all she knew Dexter hadn’t even recognised her and even if he did, he had been so drunk on Friday what did it even matter? If that was what he was like half of the time and he had a supposed fiancé, he was just a playboy trying it on. Maybe I had a lucky escape, Annabel thought. She looked at the small pile of notes Jed had left on her desk for her to go through and picked them up. She had to push him to the back of her mind and act as if nothing had happened. If she saw him again around the office she would pretend she didn’t recognise him and carry on as if he were any other boss she had just started working for.

At the end of the day, after Jed had left, Annabel decided to stay a little longer to make a good impression. She set up all the applications and software she needed on her computer and made her little office feel more like hers. As she pulled on her coat at five pm she was glad she had put in the extra hours and not just left like Jed had urged her to at three. She liked it at Crown House and now she had the intriguing incentive of Mr. Slade to keep her days ticking over too. She smirked to herself as she stepped out of her room and turned off the light. She had never been so excited about coming into work again before. She knew this was definitely a step in the right direction.

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